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Sefton Movers' Survey

Sefton Council is currently undertaking a survey of all recent “home movers”. The survey will include all households that have moved into a home that was newly built over the past few years. The purpose of the survey is to provide information which will help us improve our plans for new and better homes and the services and facilities needed to support them. To do this we need an understanding of where people move from and why.

We have written to households who have moved into a newly built home in past few years. This letter will include a unique code which is required to complete the survey. This survey is not open to everyone.

Movers’ Survey

All of the completed surveys will be treated in the strictest confidence. All the survey results will be aggregated, and no individual responses will be disclosed. We do not require any personal information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers etc. in the survey response. Once the survey results have been aggregated, individual survey responses will be securely deleted or, in the case of paper copies, destroyed.

Privacy Notice (pdf 122KB)

Movers' Survey Results

First Edition (September 2022) (pdf 379KB)
Second Edition (May 2024) (pdf 396KB)

Last Updated on Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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