Community Infrastructure Levy

Community Infrastructure Levy

The next stage is to approve the draft CIL charging schedule for consultation. The date of this decision has been deferred.

Cabinet/Council Report

The Draft Charging Schedule has been supported by evidence prepared on behalf of the Council by Keppie Massie and WYG.

Community Infrastructure Levy – Economic Viability Study (August 2017)
Appendix 1 – WYG Construction Cost Report
Appendix 2 – Housing & Apartment Sales Information
Appendix 3 – Methodology & Assumptions Consultation Document (February 2017) and Responses
Appendix 4 – Planning Application Analysis
Appendix 5 – Land Transactions
Appendix 6 – Strategic Sites Appraisals
Appendix 7 – Charging Zones Map

The Council previously consulted on a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (which is set out in Section 1 of the Community Infrastructure Levy – Economic Viability Study above). The comments that were received at this stage are provided below. Section 4 of the above Economic Viability sets out how these have been addressed.

001 Devplan LTD (pdf 232KB)
002 National Trust (pdf 249KB)
003 Marine Management Organisation (pdf 502KB)
004 Historic England (pdf 193KB)
005 Network Rail (pdf 163KB)
006 Gladman (pdf 220KB)
007 Canal And River Trust (pdf 108KB)
008 Andrew Cunnigham Building Design (pdf 225KB)
009 Natural England (pdf 149KB)
010 Countryside And Persimmon (pdf 302KB)
011 Sport England (pdf 217KB)
012 Bellway A (pdf 152KB)
012 Bellway B (pdf 828KB)
012 Bellway Tables APENDIX 1 (pdf 903KB)
012 Bellway Tables APPENDIX 2 (pdf 452KB)
012 Bellway Tables APPENDIX 3 (pdf 452KB)
013 Sefton Lib Dems A (pdf 137KB)
013 Sefton Lib Dems B (pdf 635KB)
014 Taylor Wimpey Redrow Wainhomes (pdf 1.95MB)
015 The Planning Bureau (pdf 438KB)
016 Knowsley Council (pdf 220KB)
017 Ellandi (pdf 114KB)
018 Catalyst Capital (pdf 549KB)
019 BDW Trading Limited A (pdf 145KB)
019 BDW Trading Limited B (pdf 725KB)
020 Morris Homes Northern (pdf 812KB)
021 Savills (pdf 169KB)



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