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Emerging Supplementary Planning Documents

New Supplementary Planning Documents Consultation

The Council are working on some new Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) to support the policies in the adopted Local Plan.

The Council are currently inviting all residents, businesses and other interested parties to comment on two draft SPDs.

The draft SPDs that are available for comment are:


Boundary Treatment SPD

The Boundary Treatments SPD is being prepared to provide guidance and advice on new boundary treatment, (walls, fences, railings, gates etc), and how it will be considered with planning applications.

Boundary Treatment SPD (pdf 228KB)

Conversions to Short Term (Holiday) Lets SPD

We are preparing a Conversions to Short Term (Holiday) Lets SPD. This SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) will provide guidance on the key principles, advice and standards for short term holiday lets, in line with the policies in the Sefton Local Plan. We are inviting comments on the draft SPD.

It is noted that the Government has recently announced that there will be changes to the planning classification of short term Holiday Lets and the introduction of permitted development rights to change between a dwelling and a short term let (and vis versa). The SPD will be updated following this consultation stage to reflect these changes once the full details are known.

Short Term Lets SPD (pdf 267KB)


The Council are also commencing two additional SPDs. Scoping reports have been produced. The scoping reports are for the following SPDs:


Developer Contributions to Southport Visitor Infrastructure SPD

Sefton Council is preparing a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to set out why, where, and how it intends to secure development contributions towards the provision or improvement of public infrastructure that supports the visitor and tourism economy in Southport.

We are seeking views from developers, organisations, businesses, individuals and others who are involved or have an interest in the visitor and tourism economy. This scoping report identifies some key issues. Please let us know if you agree with these and whether there are additional issues you would wish the SPD to cover.

Developer Contributions Scoping Report (pdf 1.5MB)

Nature SPD

Sefton Council intends to update the 2017 Nature Conservation Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)1 to take account of changing circumstances. These include changes to national legislation and policy; notably the Environment Act 2021 requirements, including for mandatory 10% biodiversity net gain, the preparation of the Liverpool City Region Local Nature Recovery Strategy and progress on the emerging Liverpool City Region Recreation Mitigation Strategy. They also include emerging priorities for nature and green infrastructure in Sefton, such as the emerging Sefton Coast Nature Conservation Strategy. Also, the Council would like to include the Local Wildlife Site (LWS) site selection process and designation of new LWS sites within the SPD, as happens in other local authority areas. The revised SPD will be consistent with the planning policies in the Sefton Local Plan, and the emerging Bootle Area Action Plan.

The Council welcome your comments on what you think should be considered.

Nature Conservation update Scoping Report (pdf 268KB)


How can I find out more?

You can view the documents clicking the links above.

You can see paper copies in all six Sefton Libraries and at Magdalen House, Trinity Road, Bootle, L20 3NJ.

How can I comment?

Send written comments to us:
• Email us at
• By post to Planning Department, Ground Floor, Magdalen House, Trinity Road, Bootle L20 3NJ

The consultation will run until Monday 15th April 2024

Privacy Statement

Your personal data will only be used as part of the Council’s statutory planning duties. Comments may be published and made available for others to see and copy although we will not publish your personal name or contact details. For more information on how we deal with personal data please see


Last Updated on Monday, February 26, 2024

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