We are updating our retail studies to ensure that we are considering planning applications for new retail stores using the most up-to-date evidence. This allows us to best protect our most vulnerable town and local centres and plan where new retail development, if needed, should take place.

As part of reviewing the evidence we have commissioned consultants to undertake a retail and leisure householder survey. This will give us the up-to-date data we require on the shopping and leisure habits of Sefton residents. The household survey will be a telephone survey and will take place during September and early October. Some residents, randomly selected, will get a call from consultants and it we be most useful and appreciated they could spare the time to answer a number of questions on where and how often they shop and use leisure facilities. The information provided will be anonymous and will only be used in aggregated form.

If you have any questions on the survey please contact


2020 Town and District Centre Health Checks

The survey work for the health checks were undertaken prior to the national COVID-19 lockdown. As part of a Retail Strategy Review, further survey work for each of our Town and District centres is being undertaken and the health checks updated. This will help provide a comparison of the pre and post national lockdown of non-essential retailers. It is expected these will be published early 2021

Bootle Healthcheck September Update (pdf 790KB)
Crosby Healthcheck September Update (pdf 629KB)
Formby Healthcheck September Update (pdf 435KB)
Maghull Healthcheck September Update (pdf 1.25MB)
Southport Healthcheck FINAL August2020 (pdf 485KB)
Waterloo Healthcheck September Update (pdf 842KB)


2015 Retail Strategy Review

Retail Strategy Review (WYG October 2015) (pdf 1.75MB)
Retail Strategy Review Appendices 1-2 (pdf 1.12MB)
Retail Strategy Review Appendices 3-4 (pdf 1.46MB)
Retail Strategy Review Appendices 5-9 (pdf 5.67MB)


2012 Retail Strategy Review

Retail Strategy Review 2012 (WYG Planning & Design, 2012) (pdf 2.89MB)
Bootle And Southport Health Checks 2012 (pdf 1.27MB)
Sefton District Centres, Local Centres and Shopping Parades Study (pdf 1.17MB)
Appendix One - District & Local Centres and Shopping Parades Maps (pdf 2.56MB)
Appendix Two - Detailed Health Checks of the District and Local Centres (pdf 2.87MB)
Appendix Three - Detailed Health Checks Of The Shopping Parades (Part 1) (pdf 5.46MB)
Appendix Three - Detailed Health Checks Of The Shopping Parades (Part 2) (pdf 4.3MB)
Appendix Four - Additional Walk Time Plans (pdf 1.55MB)
Committee Report for Retail Strategy Review 2012 (SMBC, 2012) (pdf 59KB)

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