Community Provider Information

Community Provider Information

This page contains information for Community Providers

2022/2023 Fees Consultation

The report on proposed Sefton Adult Social Care 2022/23 fees which is due to be considered by Cabinet on 26th May has been published.

 Please see agenda item 4 in the following link -

 As you will note, the proposals are that the increases are higher than those originally consulted on.

We will contact providers after the report has been considered on 26th May, regarding the Cabinet decisions made and the associated timeframes for implementation of the decisions.


The formal consultation in relation to the market uplift for Community Providers for 2022/23 is from the 28th of February 2022 to midnight on the 10th of April 2022.

The Community Services included in the consultation are:

  • Supported Living
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Direct Payments- Agency Rate
  • Community Support
  • Extra Care

Day Care Services for the purpose of this consultation are outside of scope and will be addressed separately.

The main purpose of the consultation is for you to share your views with us in relation to the current fee proposals for 2022/23 which is very important in relation to informing the final recommendations for decision to the Council. The detail of the letters sent to the providers within scope of the consultation on the 28th of February 2022 can be found here:

28022022 Extra Care Fee Consultation 2022 23 FINAL (pdf 232KB)
28022022 Domiciliary Care Fee Consultation FINAL (pdf 238KB)
28022022 Community Support Fee Consultation 2022 23 FINAL (pdf 231KB)
28022022 Supported Living Fee Consultation 2022 23 FINAL (pdf 234KB)

We held a focussed consultation meeting with providers on the 7th of March 2022 and we sent letters to providers dated the 28th of February 2022 and 1st April 2022, outlining the proposals.   

The main purpose of the consultation meeting is for you to share your views with us in relation to the fee proposals. If you have any specific support requirements in relation to your attendance please contact

The presentation for the meeting on the 7th March is available here:

Community services fees consultation presentation (pdf 431KB)

We will provide throughout the consultation a Q&A dialogue on our web page to ensure that we are both open and transparent in our consultation, which following its close will contribute to the final recommendations in relation to the fee proposals which will be put forward to Cabinet for decision. 

Extra Care Fee Setting 2022 23 QA Docx (word 36KB)
Domicillary Care And Community Support Providers (Inc. DP) Fee Setting 2022 23 Q&A Document (word 32KB)
Supported Living Fee Setting 2022 23 Q&A Document (word 35KB)

The initial Equality Impact Assessments in respect of the services within the scope of the consultation can be found here:

28022022 Domiciliary Care Direct Payment Rates Interim Equality Impact Assessment (word 52KB)
28022022 Community Support Rates Interim Equality Impact Assessment (word 48KB)
28022022 Extra Care Fee Rates Interim Equality Impact Assessment (word 45KB)
28022022 Supported Living Fee Rates Interim Equality Impact Assessment (word 48KB)

The Equality Impact Assessments will be updated throughout the life of the consultation based on feedback received. The final Equality Impact Assessments will be provided as Appendices to the Cabinet Report.

The feedback provided during the consultation will inform the final recommended fee proposals for respective services to Cabinet.

The timeline for the consultation and through to decision can be found here:

2022 - 2023 Fee Consultation Timeline (pdf 92KB)

If, as a provider, you have questions or comments to make about the consultation process or in relation to the proposed fee increase please do so by emailing

We very much welcome your questions and responses and will continue to update you throughout the consultation.

Care and Provider Updates

Below are care and provider updates.  These are the most recent.  If you would like past copies of the updates, please contact  These updates are web-based.  If you would like any of the information discussed in the updates, please contact Jayne.

Care And Support Provider Letter 4Th March Final (word 119KB)


Community Support Education and Resource Programme

We want to support you in whatever way we can during this COVID-19 crisis period and one of the ways was to develop this document to highlight key areas where there are free education and supporting resources available for you and your staff not only on a national level but what’s available locally here in Sefton.

The resources contained within this document are also available online and can be accessed via Sefton Council’s Learner Management System.  Further information explaining how to access the online version can be found on page 12 of this document. 

This document and the electronic version will be regularly reviewed to include updates as we receive them however if you have any suggestions as to what else needs to be included please let us know by emailing Louise Kearney, Learning and Development Officer at

Training can be found here

Education and Support Resource for Direct Payment Recipients and their Personal Assistants.

We want to support you and your PA’s during this COVID-19 crisis and have developed an Education and Support Resource to highlight the key areas where there are free national and local education and support resources for you.  These will be updated regularly.  If you feel that there is something that should be included, please contact

Direct Payments v27 (word 7.64MB)


Telecare equipment

Telecare is a service that provides care and reassurance to the elderly and vulnerable, allowing them to live independently in their own home for longer. Sefton Arc’s technology can provide wireless motion sensors, personal alarm pendants and movement monitoring sensors – ensuring safety in the home, medical dispensers (with consent of pharmacist), and bed and chair occupancy sensors.

Telecare equipment can also detect environmental changes such as floor, fire or carbon monoxide. Sensors will automatically raise an alarm at our monitoring centre where our trained personnel will determine the appropriate course of action.

Telecare Equipment is accessed via referral to Sefton Arc Telecare Team, using LAS referral process or self-referral.

Sefton Arc Trusted Assessors will contact the client and their families to discuss appropriate equipment options and equipment is then ordered.

Falls Pendants and Arc Angels can be arranged within 24 hours of ordering.

Other items of equipment can take between 3 and -7 working days depending upon supplier availability, from the day the order is submitted.

People can email Telecare Services at or call them on 0800 622 6107. The contact address is 209 Linacre Lane, Bootle, Merseyside L20 6AD.

Last Updated on Monday, June 13, 2022

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