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Vacant and insecure and dangerous structures

Dangerous Buildings and Structures

Under the Building Act 1984 the local authority has the power to deal with buildings, structures or parts of buildings or structures that are considered to be dangerous.

The primary aim of the legislation is to maintain a safe environment, so should you notice what you consider to be a dangerous structure or building please contact us by phone on 0345 140 0845 (option 8). Out of hours service - Sefton Security 0151 922 6107.

All dangerous structures reported to us or identified by one of our surveyors are dealt with as a matter of priority.

If after an inspection to assess the situation, the building or structure is considered to be imminently dangerous all reasonable steps are taken to contact the owner. The owner is given the opportunity to have the danger removed themselves. If this is not possible or they cannot be found we will undertake the work. This may consist of simply securing the area or a partial or complete demolition.

If we undertake the work we are empowered by the legislation to recover from the owner all reasonable costs incurred.

Another option available when the danger is not imminent is to obtain an order from a Magistrates Court that requires the owner to carry out all works necessary to remove the danger.

Vacant and Insecure Premises

The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 empowers Local Authorities to deal with privately owned derelict buildings which have become insecure and open to public access.

Please contact us by telephone on 0345 140 0845 (option 8) to report a vacant and insecure property. Out of hours service - Sefton Security 0151 922 6107

We will ensure that reported vacant and insecure buildings are dealt with so that no threat is posed to people in the vicinity.

Once a report is received, a Building Control Officer will visit the site as soon as possible to assess the condition of the building and whether or not action needs to be taken.

If the building is both derelict and insecure then a notice will be sent to the owner giving them 48 hours to secure their building. If the owner can't be traced within a reasonable period or if the building presents a danger to the public, then we will arrange to have the building secured immediately.

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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