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Demolition works involve the complete or part removal of buildings such as residential properties, industrial or commercial buildings or more complex dismantling processes where for instance the building is situated on a public highway.

Where demolition is to be undertaken, it is a mandatory requirement for the local authority to be informed (unless the demolition is exempt from control). A person who fails to give notice to the local authority is liable on summary conviction to a fine. 

The purpose of control is to ensure satisfactory protection to public health and safety during the demolition period. Site security, weather-proofing and structural stability of adjoining buildings, disconnection of drainage and making good the surface of the surrounding ground are all issues to be considered by the demolition contractor in the method statement.

Environmental concerns should also form part of the method statement, particularly where noise, dust and the burning of materials on site are likely.

Controlling legislation

  • The controls for demolition work are given in Sections 80 to 83 of the Building Act 1984.
  • You are advised that Planning Permission may also be required for the demolition of certain buildings.

Guidance notes

A notice must be given to the Local Authority where it is intended to demolish the whole or part of a building except: 

  • A demolition in pursuance of a demolition order made under the Housing Act 1957.
  • The demolition of an internal part of a building, where the building is occupied and it is intended that it should remain occupied.
  • The demolition of a building that has a volume less than 50 cubic metres (external measurement).
  • The demolition of an agricultural building.

It is the responsibility of the person carrying out the demolition to consult occupiers of adjacent buildings and the relevant statutory undertakers.

The works may come under the constraints of the Party Wall Act and it is the duty of the owner to comply with any requirements that the Act requires.

If the building is a 'Listed Building' or in a 'Conservation Area' Planning Permission will be required and work must not start until this has been obtained.

The charge for processing a demolition notice is £275 (no VAT).

One copy of this form is required, together with one copy of a site plan to identify the land and associated drainage on the site (preferably to a scale of 1:1250 and with the site outlined in red), the correct charge and a copy of the Method Statement showing how the building is to be demolished and materials disposed of.

All demolition work is subject to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994. It is the responsibility of the Client and Contractor to ensure that all requirements of these regulations are met and the Health and Safety Executive notified where appropriate.

No demolition operation should commence unless the Council has given a notice under Section 81 or six weeks has elapsed since notifying us.

List of statutory undertakers for demolitions:
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service
National Grid
United Utilities Plc
Health and Safety Executive
The Environment Agency

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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