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Sefton Council owns and operates four cemeteries; Bootle Cemetery, Thornton Garden of Rest, Duke Street Cemetery and Liverpool Road Cemetery.

The cemeteries are divided into sections containing lawned grave areas which are mown regularly. Paved paths between the sections allow for easy access and parking.

Any burials within the graves must be carried out by appointment with the relevant cemetery office, and a cemetery officer must be in attendance. This includes ashes burials and scattering.


There are a total of 45,000 graves still available for purchase across the four cemeteries including full size graves for coffin burials.

These graves may also be used for the burial of ashes either in a casket or directly into the ground within the grave space. Smaller graves for ashes burials only are available in certain cemeteries.  

For more information about purchasing a grave please see the below form:

Sefton Council Grave Purchase Information 2024/25 (pdf 163KB)


All privately owned graves may be marked with a headstone or similar memorial, within certain restrictions. Sponsored memorial benches are available within each cemetery. 

Wardens patrol the sites and are available to help with grave locating, by arrangement. Short-notice burials on religious grounds can be accommodated.


If you have any further questions please contact the relevant cemetary office, or have at look at our FAQs

Burial Fee
Child under 17 years old No charge to family (Paid by CFF)
Burial of standard coffin £1050
Burial of casket £1415
Burial of cremated remains £265
Book of remembrance Fee
 2 line inscription £80
 3-5 line inscription £130
 3-5 line inscription with motif £270
 6-8 line inscription £160
 6-8 line inscription with motif £300

All other fees available upon request.

Grave purchases (exclusive rights of burial for 99 years) Resident fee Non-resident fee
Purchase of full sized grave £1280 £2370
Purchase of full sized grave with memorial foundation £1335 £2425
Purchase of cremated remains grave with memorial foundation £1030 £2000
Change of grave ownership £50 £50
Copy of Deed £20 £20
Search of records fee (up to 3 searches) £25 £25

You may be eligible for financial assistance to help with the costs of paying for a funeral. Further information is provided on the website of the Department of Work and Pensions.

Other relevant information may be found in the the Public Health Act funerals section of the Environmental Public Health page.

Each cemetery will have a certain section that is currently developed for new burials.

You can either have a grave allocated from this section or choose from a selection of available plots within it.

To pre-purchase a grave please contact the council.

When you buy a grave you are buying the ‘right to bury’ in the grave; the land ownership stays with the council. You can ask for a grave to be prepared for up to four burials, unfortunately however, this number cannot be guaranteed as changes in the ground condition, legislation or other circumstances may reduce the available depth. The grave can also be used for up to six sets of cremated remains.

Currently legislation restricts the purchase of rights to a maximum of 99 years and after this time your heirs will be offered an extension.



Last Updated on Tuesday, April 9, 2024

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