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COVID-19 Update: Current Guidance for Funeral Directors & Services (August 2021)

The Government has set out a roadmap out of lockdown in England. At all Steps in the roadmap, people are permitted to leave their homes to attend a funeral as well as other religious, belief-based, or commemorative events following a person’s death as long as they follow the relevant restrictions and guidance.

Step 4 of the government’s road map came into force on 19th July 2021, the number of attendees at a funeral will be determined by how many people the venue can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place. There will no longer be a maximum number of attendees defined in regulations. Risk assessments and changes to layout have been carried out to establish the safe capacity of our chapels and listed below are the maximum number of people who will be able to attend in each venue.

Please advise your families that they should take all reasonable measures to maintain social distancing in order keep those attending safe. Our enhanced cleaning regime and hand sanitising stations will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

To view the full guidelines and guidance from government, please view the document below:


Instructions For Funeral Directors (Covid) May 2021 (word 90KB)


Our cemeteries and crematoriums

For many of us, a funeral provides a focal point during the first days of grieving the loss of a loved one. As times passes, having somewhere to go and remember them can be an important consideration too.

Making the right choices can be a daunting task at what is already a difficult time. At Sefton Council we make various options available for the funeral service and final resting place, so that families may choose what is best suited to them.

Find out more about our cemeteries and crematoriums below:

New graves can be accommodated at Bootle Cemetery, Duke Street Cemetery, Liverpool Road Cemetery (Birkdale) and Thornton Garden of Rest.

Graves that are purchased for full burials can be specified for up to 4 interments and also be used for the interment of up to 6 cremated remains.

Smaller grave plots, which can be purchased for burial of cremated remains only, are available at Thornton Garden of Rest and Liverpool Road Cemeteries.

Prices & Fees

Burials And Cremation Fees 2021 22 (pdf 351KB)

Prices are correct until 31 March 2022. 

Privacy Notice

Please take time to read the Burials and Cremations privacy notice. This will explain what information we hold about you, why we hold it and when we will contact you.

Burials and cremations privacy notice (pdf 480KB)

Paying your respects

Plants and ornaments

If you'd like to place ornaments or small plants on a grave, a soil border may be cut immediately in front of the headstone. This border should be no wider than the headstone and protrude no more than 18” from the front edge of the memorial base. The soil border should be edged with artificial stone, natural stone or wood. This will protect any items placed within it from grass-cutting machinery. Note that plastic or wire edging is not suitable as this is likely to be damaged by machinery.

Any flowers, bulbs or small plants you wish to plant, or any personal items you wish to place on the grave should be within the soil border area. All plants and items placed outside of the soil border will be removed by the Council.

Grounds maintenance

Grass on graves is mown fortnightly during the summer. Clippings are not collected and, during wet warm weather, grass clippings may be left headstone and kerbs.

Any soil border area would need to be maintained by the grave owner.


Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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