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Your Personal Budget

Direct Payments can be spent on care support that has been identified and agreed within your Care Support Plan. You can make arrangements to employ someone directly or go to an agency of your choice.

You can have a mix of Direct Payments and services arranged or provided by Social Care.

When using a Direct Payment it is your responsibility to make all appropriate arrangements to meet your identified care support needs. You will be given a copy of your individual care plan by your Social Worker for reference and information.

You can use your Direct Payment to pay for:

  • Homecare from an agency
  • Personal  Assistant to help you at home or support you in the community
  • Respite in your own home or short term stay in a residential bed
  • Day centre attendance
  • Services outlined in your support plan

You cannot use your Direct Payment to

  • Pay for permanent residential care
  • Buy services from the Local Authority
  • Buy health related services and equipment
  • Employ a partner or close relative living in the same household

The Direct Payments Team will provide you with information, advice and practical support with all aspects to help you arrange your own care services, they will

  • Support you to set up and manage your Direct Payment
  • Assist you with staff recruitment
  • Offer a payroll support service
  • Provide information on agencies
  • Assist you with the completion of financial paperwork and records.

As part of the assessment process you will be visited by the Local Authority Finance Visiting Officer (FVO), who will conduct a financial assessment to see if you have to make a contribution towards the cost of your care. You will be notified during the assessment of your assessed weekly charge.

The Direct Payment you will receive will be paid net into the bank account / prepaid account; it is your responsibility to ensure that the assessed contribution is paid directly into your Direct Payments account or loaded onto the prepaid card, in order for you to have sufficient funds to pay for your care. Your contribution will be the first element used towards paying for your care support.

You can pay your contribution into your Direct Payments account by standing order on a monthly basis from your personal account. Your Direct Payments Advisor can help you to do this.

Whatever arrangements you make, there may be occasions when the care support you receive breaks down. For example, your Personal Assistant may be taken ill.

You will need to make back up arrangements to provide cover. You might arrange this with an agency or with off duty or former employees.

See our section on buying services for advice on Agency Support.

If your arrangements break down, you should not be left without the services you need. Contact your Direct Payments Advisor or Adult Social Care one you realise that you need help.

Your Direct Payment will be paid every 4 weeks in advance into your nominated Direct Payments account / prepaid account.

Your initial payment will include monies paid from the date your care started; your ongoing payments will be Sefton’s weekly net payment for 4 weeks.

Last Updated on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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