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Prepaid Cards

All new and existing Direct Payment users will be offered the Prepaid Card as the default method of managing their Direct Payment.

A Prepaid Card account is just like a current account from your bank with a debit card. Sefton pays your Personal Budget onto the card so that you can use it to pay for services agreed in your Care Support Plan.

Easy Read Guide to Prepaid Cards
Frequently Asked Questions for Prepaid Cards
Prepaid Card Terms And Conditions (from 13th January 2018)
Prepaid Card Terms And Conditions (up to 13th January 2018)
Prepaid Cards Step By Step Guide


  • Step by step guide – This will be sent to you once your card has been created or alternatively you are able to view a copy of this online. The information in this guide should enable you to manage your prepaid card account.
  • Support to transfer funds – if you are an existing recipient and you are transferring to a prepaid card, you will receive instructions on how to transfer you’re your balance from your existing Direct Payments Account.
  • Online Support – If you are struggling to make a payment or need some support, then you can call a member of the Direct Payments Team who will be able to talk you through the process whilst logged onto your account.
  • Prepaid Card Contact Centre – there is a dedicated telephone number to contact EML Customer Support Team for Sefton cardholders.
  • You no longer need to send bank statements to the Direct Payment's Team on a quarterly basis, everything will be easily accessible online.
  • It is a secure and easy way to make payments for your care.
  • Same day bank transfers.
  • You have immediate access to funds and balance.
  • You can nominate a trusted person to help manage the account with you.
  • You can use a smartphone, tablet or computer to access your account online.
  • You will receive support from the Direct Payments Team to help you to transfer to a Prepaid Card account.
  • Sefton Council will pay your Direct Payment's money onto the card every 4 weeks in advance.
  • You can pay for your assessed care needs by bank transfer or telephone directly into a Personal Assistant’s or Care Agency’s bank account.
  • You can check your account balances online or by telephone at anytime.
  • You can pay your client contribution directly into the account by standing order.
  • You cannot go overdrawn or get into debt by using the prepaid card account.
  • You will no longer be required to make payments by cheque.
  • There is no charge for using the Prepaid Card, although lost and stolen cards will be charged £3.50 for a replacement.


Last Updated on Thursday, February 15, 2024

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