Highway maintenance strategy and works programme

Sefton Council, as the Highway Authority, has responsibility for the maintenance of approximately 900km of highway, including carriageways and footways. We aim to make sure that they are properly maintained and safe to use for everyone, including those with mobility impairments such as poor eyesight and physical disabilities and for those with wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Carriageways and footways are subject to heavy wear and tear from pedestrian and vehicle usage. They are also damaged when they are dug up by Electricity, Gas, Water or Cable Companies.

To ensure effective management for the highway the Council has developed a Strategy & Policy which explains the Council’s approach to supporting the delivery of the ‘Vision 2030’ for Sefton through the maintenance, management and development of our transportation and highway infrastructure.

View the details of the Policy and the Highway Maintenance Programme 2022-2024 below showing which locations will be completed:

Transportation and Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Policy and Strategy 2019-2021 (pdf 1.43MB)
Highway Maintenance Programme 2022-2024 (pdf 277KB)


Last Updated on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

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