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Strand FAQs

While the Bootle regeneration project has been taking place, we’ve been speaking to members of the local community and getting their views. Below is a number of frequently asked questions so far. These will be updated as the project progresses.

The Strand sits at the centre of Bootle and is really important to the Town. Any investment in the Strand needs to bring new jobs and opportunities for residents and attract more people into Bootle.  It will be the focal point of a more vibrant Bootle with a wider range of activities including leisure, food and drink, health, education and culture.

There will be more open areas, green space, and better links for those visiting the Centre on foot or by public transport. The centre will look and feel much more welcoming and will create a better experience for people shopping and accessing facilities.

In 2017, Sefton Council purchased Bootle Strand Shopping Centre as a key part of its commitment to regenerate the town centre.  The Strand is really important to Bootle but it needs investment to ensure it is a thriving, sustainable asset at the heart of the town for the longer term.

Our high streets have and are going through a period of huge change. This change is driven by the growth of online shopping, our changing consumer habits during the COVID-19 pandemic and people looking for a different experience within our town centres.

Bootle Strand continues to generate a good level of footfall and has a range of retailers you would expect to see in a centre of this type.  However the Council want to include a wider range of uses in the Centre – including food and drink, leisure education and health.  This will encourage more people to visit the Strand.

The new and vibrant activity is being developed to stimulate the local economy, transform the look and feel of the Town for residents, businesses and visitors and improve the quality of life for local people.

The first part of the project is demolition and the planning application for this has been submitted.  Subject to this planning application demolition work is due to start on site in summer 2024. This will be followed by the construction work, with completion of Phase 1 in 2026.

The Phase 1 Canalside, Cultural Hub and Town Square elements of the project are being funded by a £20m grant from Central Government DLUHC that Sefton Council successfully bid for and was awarded in March 2023. The Council is working closely with a range of partners to secure funding for further phases of the transformation work. 

Retail has changed a lot since the Council bought The Strand in 2017. The initial priority for the Council on buying the centre was to ensure there was a robust management plan in place, and to understand the key issues facing the retailers and the centre in general. The COVID-19 pandemic further impacted the retail market, but also meant that the Councils focus had to remain on the management of the centre.

The Council has been working with the City Region Combined Authority around the transformation of the Strand since 2021. The award of the Levelling Up money in 2023 means that this transformation can now begin.  

The area next to the canal, now known as Salt and Tar, is a flexible events space in the heart of Bootle.  It has been used for community events, including Climate Action Festivals and Christmas events. In the summer of 2023 Salt and Tar hosted two large scale events; a Comedy Weekender in May and Music Event across three days in July.

The Salt and Tar site will be linked to the wider open spaces being developed as part of the Strand repurposing project.

Future plans for the Salt and Tar site include:

  • Food and beverage venues
  • ‘Pop-up’ food and retail markets
  • Film and TV screenings
  • Performance spaces
  • Community activities

More information about the site can be found on their website.

Yes, everything outside of the ‘red line’ (see image) will continue to be open as usual.  The Council and the Strand management team, Ellandi, will ensure that the repurposing works take place in a way that minimises disruption to both businesses and visitors.

A diagram showing the part of the Strand closest to the canal in red.

The Strand's management team, Ellandi, is responsible for overseeing the operation of this project. If you have any questions or concerns regarding specific shops/tenants at The Strand, please feel free to contact Robin ( He will be happy to assist you and address any queries or concerns you may have.

Barker Proudlove, is responsible for letting space within The Strand.  If you would like to find out more about the opportunities and spaces available, please contact Jon ( who will be able to provide you with more information.

There is a website for the transformation project that can be accessed at Bootle Strand ( which will be updated on a regular basis and there will be regular updates on social media.  The Project Team can also be contacted at or through the Sefton Councils Contact Centre on 0345 140 0845.

There is also a project information centre in the Strand on Parkside, close to Specsavers.  Opening times for this are currently being agreed, but will be posted on the website and on the unit once confirmed.

The Project Team are also arranging meetings with community groups and Strand tenants and residents of Strand House will receive regular updates on project progress.

Any community engagement we do as part of the Strand Transformation will be closely linked to the Bootle Area Action Plan process.

Works will not start very early in the morning or finish too late in the evening. Sefton have now appointed Vinci as the contractor for the demolition phase.  More details about working times will be shared shortly.

No, there are no plans to demolish the Triad or Strand House as part of this project.

Demolition work is due to start in early summer 2024.

The Strand will remain open while works are carried out and entrances, exits and ways through will be well signed.

This is still being discussed. In the conversations we have had with local people and Centre users many have stated that they want the shopping area roof to remain.

A variety of events are planned including music, markets, family events. Many of these events will be free to access but some will need to be paid for.

Last Updated on Friday, March 22, 2024

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