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Caravan and camping site

This type of activity is covered by the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960.

Any occupier of land who wishes to authorise part of their land to be used as a Caravan Site must have a Licence to do so from us.

We aim to complete this type of application within 28 days.

This service is not covered by the tacit authorisation process as it is in the public interest that we process the application before it can be granted.

There are no fee applicable for this process.

Any occupier of land who wishes to authorise part of it to be utilised as a Caravan Site.

Any person who has held a site licence which has been revoked within three years, or less, of the date of current the application.

Sites can be for permanent caravans (utilised as holiday caravans), touring caravans or permanent residential caravans.

The Council can impose Conditions related to:

  • the restriction of the number of occasions on which caravans are stationed on the land for the purpose of human habitation, or the restriction of the total number of caravans which are stationed at any one time;
  • the control (whether by reference to size, state of repair, or any other feature) of the types of caravan which are stationed on the land;
  • the regulation of the positions in which the caravans are stationed for the purpose of human habitation and for prohibiting, restricting or otherwise regulating, the placing or erection on the land, at any time when caravans are so stationed, of structures and vehicles of any description and of tents;
  • ensuring that, at all times when caravans are stationed on the land, proper measures are taken for preventing and detecting the outbreak of fire and that adequate means of fighting fire are provided and maintained;
  • ensuring that adequate sanitary facilities (and other such facilities), services or equipment as may be specified, are provided for the use of persons dwelling on the land in caravans and that, at all times when caravans are stationed for the purposes of human habitation, such facilities and equipment are properly maintained.

The licence will continue to remain in force providing there are no major changes; should changes occur it will be necessary for the holder of the registration to inform Licensing Section at Sefton MBC. 

Applicants are advised that, before applying for a licence, planning permission must be obtained.

Yes, to the Magistrates Court. The Court can give such directions as it thinks fit.


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