Sefton Burial and Cremation service provide memorials across all our cemeteries and crematoria:

Duke Street Cemetery
Liverpool Road Cemetery
Bootle Cemetery
Thornton Cemetery/Garden of Rest
Southport Crematorium

Our helpful memorial guide is available below to download:

Memorial Options 2024 (pdf 660KB)

Cremated Remains

If a burial of cremated remains is desired, cremated remains graves (half size graves can accommodate up to 6 sets of cremated remains and a full-size headstone) are available at Thornton Cemetery (Thornton Garden of Rest) and Liverpool Road Cemetery (Southport).

Should this be of interest, further details can be obtained from the offices listed above.

If however you would prefer your loved ones cremated remains to be laid to rest within the crematorium grounds, they can be strewn in the ground, in the memorial garden (Southport Crematorium or Thornton Garden of Rest).

Although you will not be able to permanently mark the spot, you may lease a small plaque on a central memorial or choose an alternate memorial option to commemorate the deceased.

Burial & Cremation Memorials

Memorial Plaque (central memorial planter) (Southport Crematorium and Thornton Garden of Rest only)
Granite plaques may be leased for a period of 10 or 20 years. This option is available in memory of any person, irrespective of where their remains may be.

The fee includes an inscription of up to 100 letters with a choice of motif or 110 letters without a motif.

Additional inscriptions cannot be accommodated at a later date, however a replacement plaque can be ordered within the first 5 years of the lease period (the lease date will remain unchanged). Alternatively, a new plaque with a 10-year lease can be ordered.



Memorial Plaque on a metal stand (family shrubs) Southport Crematorium and Thornton Garden of Rest only

Dedicated shrubs, kerbstones and brass plaques are no longer available for new requests however replacements are  available to families with an existing memorial.




Frequent visitors to our sites have benefited from additional seating near the resting place of their loved ones.

There are two types of benches, granite (inclusive of 2 plaques) or wooden (inclusive of 1 plaque). New benches are leased for a 10-year period. Prior to the lease expiry you will be given the option to renew the lease at the renewal fee (applicable at the time of renewal).

When donating the bench to the Council the applicant should note that whilst specific locations can be requested these cannot be guaranteed. The Council reserve the right to relocate the bench at any time.

Once donated the bench becomes the property and responsibility of the Council. Please take into consideration the bench is within a public environment therefore the Council does not permit further memorialisation of benches, including the leaving of flowers, mementos or photographs.


memorial bench



The Book of Remembrance is permanently displayed at both Thornton and Southport crematorium. This provides an inexpensive and lasting memorial.

The book will be open each day at the appropriate page in order that the entry may be seen on every anniversary of the chosen date.

One entry between 2 and 8 lines is permitted. For inscriptions of 3 lines or more, a badge, flower or crest design may be chosen to appear alongside the entry.

You may also select a more personal motif (please provide an image with your order).
This skilled work is executed by hand.

The Book of Remembrance is also available to view online at and

(Inscriptions will be available to view online within 12 months of the inscription being entered in the book).

Last Updated on Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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