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Working Stronger Together (Co-production)

We are committed to developing a culture of understanding and supporting co-production. We recognise that adults, children, and young people are involved because of what they know, their lived experience and have ideas and solutions to problems / issues and what will make a positive difference to them.

If we work together, we are more likely to get things right first time round and build equal, trustworthy relationships with our communities.

The Public Engagement and Consultation Panel supports working in a co-productive way.

What is co-production?

Co-production means making something happen together.

Co-production is a way of involving people in the development of services, practice, and policy from the start of the process and in a way that is inclusive.

Co-production is:

  • People who use services, their families, carers, and professionals
  • coming together as equals.
  • All participants are involved in every step of the process.
  • No one is left out, everyone involved gets to share their experiences as
  • part of the process.
  • Meetings are structured in such a way that everyone understands what
  • is happening.
  • Everyone gets the chance to have their say in making real changes.
  • People seeing the impact of their contributions.

We will continue to add more information, case studies and resources to this page so keep checking back for details. 

Co-production Guide.

We have developed a Co-production Guide that will support staff to design and achieve successful co-production.  It has been developed with the support of People First Merseyside and the Sefton Improving Information Group.

The Co-production Guide was launched as part of Coproduction Week 2023.

Co Production Guide FINAL (pdf 8.27MB)

SEND Co-production Charter.

We are committed to developing a culture of understanding and supporting coproduction in Sefton. We recognise that children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their family’s voices are important because of what they know, through their lived experience.  They have helped us develop the SEND Co-production Charter.

Sefton Coproduction Charter (pdf 254KB)

Co-production in practice.

It is clear that across Sefton, there is a lot of positive work that is being done in partnership with the voluntary, community and faith sector and local residents that can be built upon. 

We are going to celebrate the co-production activity during Sefton's Co-production Week, which will take place between 3rd - 7th July 2023.

Video - an introduction to co-production.

Video - Involving children and young people.

Video - Changing Places toilets.

Video - Sefton Young Carers - stories about the lives of Young Carers.

Video - Day Opportunities.

Video - School Streets.

Video - Sefton Council's Chief Executive.

Video - Children's Rights-Based Standards

Below are some examples of co-production in practice and we will be adding more examples during Co-production Week and over the coming months.

Improving Access To Services For Trans, Non Binary And Intersex (TNBI) Community Case Study..Docx (pdf 159KB)
Listening To The Voices Of Children And Young People Case Studies (pdf 1.76MB)
School Streets Pilot Presentation (pdf 1.57MB)

Last Updated on Friday, February 16, 2024

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