Honorary Freedom of the Borough

The Freedom of the Borough is the highest award that the Council can bestow.

By Section 249(5) of the Local Government Act 1972, a Borough or City Council may admit "persons of distinction and persons who have, in the opinion of the Council, rendered eminent services to the city or borough", as Honorary Freeman.

The award of the Honorary Freedom of the Borough does not convey with it any legal rights or responsibilities, other than a ceremonial role at civic functions. The award dates back to the middle ages when Freemen had commercial privileges and a route into a position of power in a town or city.

Associated with the “Freedom of the Borough” is the “Freedom of Entry” which the Council may award to service units which have rendered conspicuous service and which are closely associated with the Borough. The Freedom of Entry grants the service unit the right, privilege, honour and distinction of marching through the streets of the Borough of Sefton on all ceremonial occasions with colours flying, bands playing, drums beating and bayonets fixed.

Honorary Freemen:

  • Donald “Ginger” McCain - 22 June 2004  (Resolution of Council - 29 April 2004)
  • James Carragher - 23 January 2006 (Resolution of Council - 30 June 2005)

Freedom of Entry:

  • No. 238 (Sefton) Squadron, 156 Regiment, Royal Corps of Transport – 6 March 1982 (Resolution of Council -7 October 1981) which was subsequently succeeded by No. 238 (Sefton) Squadron, 156 (North West) Transport Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps (Volunteers) – 13 April 2002 (Resolution of Council -20 September 2001)
  • RAF Woodvale – 3 July 2011 (Resolution of Council -17 May 2011)
  • The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment – 20 June 2017 (Resolution of Council – 20 June 2017 and 26 January 2017)

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