JSNA 2014

The 2014 Sefton Strategic Needs Assessment (also known as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment - JSNA) provided an overview of the health and wellbeing needs of the people of Sefton to enable commissioners to plan services for the future, not only health and wellbeing services, but also other services such as housing, education and the economy.

The SSNA was used to underpin the development of the objectives and priorities of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the social, economic and health needs that required a longer term approach if outcomes were to be improved. In order to establish a rounded picture of need across the Borough the data was produced and summarised in the following sections:-

  • People & Place (Social and economic demographics that affect Sefton)
  • Environmental (A more specific look at the issues within the living environment of the Borough)
  • Early Years (Issues affecting residents aged 0-19 years)
  • Older People (Issues affecting residents aged 65 years and over)
  • Lifestyles (Alcohol, drugs, smoking weight and sexual health )
  • Health Inequalities (People who are not as well as others and potentially vulnerable groups).
  • Long Term Conditions (Analysis of the ongoing health issues affecting Sefton residents)
  • Cancers (Analysis of the main issues around cancer affecting Sefton residents)
  • Mental Health (The impact of mental health issues across the borough)

Key documents

SSNA executive summary 2014 (pdf 784KB)
SSNA 2014 Cancers (pdf 670KB)
SSNA 2014 Early Life (pdf 4.91MB)
SSNA 2014 Environmental (pdf 588KB)
SSNA 2014 Health Inequalities (pdf 2.3MB)
SSNA 2014 Lifesytles (pdf 1.47MB)
SSNA 2014 Long Term Conditions (pdf 1006KB)
SSNA 2014 Mental Health (pdf 1.53MB)
SSNA 2014 Older People (pdf 2.77MB)
SSNA 2014 People & Place (pdf 3.04MB)

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