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2024 Elections in Sefton

General Election

On Thursday July 4th you will be able to vote at the following election:

  • The UK General Election
Notice Of Election Bootle (word 40KB)
Notice Of Election Sefton Central (word 40KB)
Notice Of Election Southport (word 40KB)
Southport Election Agents (pdf 71KB)

Deadlines and Key Dates

Parliament is dissolved (this means the current term has ended) - 30th May 

Notice Of Election Published - 4th June 

Receipt Of Candidate Nominations Deadline - 7th June at 4pm.

Register To Vote Deadline - 18th June [NOW PASSED]

Application To Vote By Post Deadline - 19th June at 5pm [NOW PASSED]

Application for Voter Authority Certificates - 26th June at 5pm

Application To Vote By Proxy - 26th June at 5pm

Polling Day - 4th July from 7am-10pm


A By-election is set to take place in St Oswald ward on Thursday June 20th. Only residents of St Oswald Ward who are registered to vote can cast their ballot in this election

Notice Of Vacancy St Oswald Ward (word 15KB)
St Oswald Statement Of Persons Nominated (pdf 70KB)

General Election Close of Nominations 


Bootle Election Agents (pdf 71KB)
Bootle Statement Of Persons Nominated (pdf 78KB)

Sefton Central

Sefton Central Election Agents (pdf 14KB)
Sefton Central Statement Of Persons Nominated (pdf 80KB)


Southport Election Agents (pdf 71KB)
Southport Statement Of Persons Nominated (pdf 79KB)

Polling Station Locations

Bootle Situation Of Polling Station (pdf 79KB)
Sefton Central Situation Of Polling Stations (pdf 77KB)
Southport Situation Of Polling Stations (pdf 79KB)

Last Updated on Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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