The Good Dog Code



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1.  Pick up Your dog’s daily business...

  • When you take your dog for a walk, be sure you have enough bags with you to pick up what your dog does naturally! 

Cartoon of a person picking up their dog's mess

2.  ... and remember to bag it and bin it

  • We all know its a horrible thing to step in dog mess, and no-one wants to see dog poo-bags hanging from shrubbery, fence posts or even sometimes thrown onto footpaths.
  • Being a responsible dog owner means cleaning up after your pet.
  • Please put your poo-bags in a bin or take it home – don’t leave it for someone else to do for you!

3. Please respect our ‘non-dog’ friends’

  • Much as we love our pet pooches, please spare a thought for our ‘non‑dog’ friends. Some people really just don’t wants dogs near them even if they are only being friendly.

Cartoon of a person being harassed by an over friendly dog

4. Always control your dog

  • Be aware of other people and don’t let your dog become a nuisance to them or their dog   
  • Know your dog's breed and understand their likes and dislikes
  • The more you know your dog, the happier and safer your dog will be

Cartoon of a person hugging their dog

5. Take good care of your dog

  • Our dogs are precious, so keep your dog safe at all times.
  • Prevent your dog from straying away from you or your home
  • Be aware of where your dog is when on a walk.

Cartoon of a person whistling their dog to come to them

6. Socialise your dog

  • The majority of dogs like to play with other dogs so make sure your dog is socialised before they play.

  • No dog wants to be involved in an incident

Cartoon image of a fine letter

7. Be Responsible or face a fine

  • Unfortunately some dog owners are not responsible. For these few, legislation is tough on them. Enforcement action such as fixed penalties and possible court action can be taken against these dog owners.

8. Follow the Rules



Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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