COVID-19 Update

Although our allotments are currently still open to existing tenants and the waiting lists are being maintained , there will be no viewings for those on the waiting list until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. We do currently have a public consultation on allotments running until 13th August 2021. It will help us to shape the future of our allotments, whether you currently have a plot or not. Visit to take part.

If you’d like to grow your own vegetables, fruit or flowers, you may want to consider an allotment. There are lots of benefits to renting an allotment in Sefton. Allotments offer:

  • More fresh and healthy food.
  • The opportunity for more exercise and better health.
  • An opportunity to make new friends.
  • Chance to share your skills and socialise.
  • Opportunity to unwind and relax.

There are 14 sites in Sefton. Some sites are managed by the Council and others are managed by Allotment Associations where they allocate plots and manage sites.

You can find a full list of all our sites together with contact details and an indication of whether or not there is a waiting list. Currently, our sites in Crosby and Southport experience a high demand for plots but other sites at Bootle have current vacancies.

Please do take time to read these questions and answers as it is likely to answer your query.

We currently receive a high volume of allotment queries and much of the information people seek is currently available on our website. You can find it here. 

Q/ If you are contacting us to request an allotment plot.

A/ There is a considerable list of tenants waiting for allotments but given that most tenants are retaining their plots long-term, there is limited opportunity for new tenancies. Currently, our waiting lists are closed and we are not accepting new allotment plot requests.

Q/ If you are contacting us to ask where you are on the waiting list.

A/ Due to social distancing all viewings have been temporarily been suspended. When this suspension is lifted those who are next on the waiting list will receive a letter inviting them to a viewing. Please be patient and wait for your letter.

Q/ If you are contacting us to report a fire.

A/ Firstly, you should call the fire service immediately by dialing 999 if you are concerned about any risk to people or property from a fire.

Please send us details of any fire in writing so we can investigate. 

If you are a Tenant and another tenant is having a fire that goes against the tenancy agreement, is dangerous, or polluting you should first phone the fire services to get it put out.

Q/ If you are messaging to report a theft from your plot or criminal damage to your property.

A/ Please contact the police and report the incident. Your property on your allotment is your responsibility. We would appreciate you advising us of the incident so we can keep a record. Please provide the Police’s Incident Log/Crime Number if you can, as this helps when we liaise with the Police.

Q/ If you are asking a question on behalf of a Tenant.

A/ The General Data Protection Regulations do not allow the council to discuss any query with regards to a third party. Permission must first be given by them if you are acting for a relative or friend.

If you are the tenant emailing to ask a question, it must come from your registered email.

If you are changing your email, please email your new email from your old email account. In some cases, you may be asked to confirm who you are by providing a sample signature so a comparison can be made with your signature on your tenancy. This is to prevent malicious actions by third persons.

If you write to us, the correspondence must bear your signature so it can be compared to your signature in your agreement.

Q/ There is vegetation coming from the allotment onto my land?

A/ Sefton Council is not the occupier of tenanted land. We will report your concerns to the allotment tenant and ask them to look to clear back vegetation from their boundary. The Council will not be clearing vegetation from your boundary and neither can we enter private property.

In the worst cases, where the allotment is unkempt, we will issue formal warnings to the tenant which might lead to eviction or the tenant returning to tend their plot.

We have produced this Allotment Guide Handbook to help answer queries that current or prospective tenants may have, please read it before considering applying for an allotment plot.

Sefton Allotment Tenants Guide (pdf 195KB)
Sampletenancy (pdf 347KB)

You must be a resident of Sefton. Only one allotment plot per person is allowed.

For further details on Council managed sites contact us on 0151 934 2943 or email

In you are interested in plots at self-managed sites please contact the Allotment Association direct on the contact details shown in the allotments list.

Charges from 1st April 2021

For residents of Sefton, annual charges are: full plot £108.00 and half plot £81.00.

For non-residents of Sefton, annual charges are: full plot £216.00 and half plot £162.00.

All tenants are also required to pay a share of the utility costs for the site and new Council tenants pay a set up charge of £55. This is a one-off fee and you will be billed with your first invoice.

If we have an immediate vacancy we will contact you to discuss making a site visit to view the plot. We will offer you two weeks to make a decision on the offer we have made.

If we can’t offer you a plot we will add you to our waiting list. Given so many tenants enjoy use of their plots, turnover may be very slow and this could be a very long wait.

We require a signed tenancy agreement with your payment, we will return a copy of the agreement and any keys. We will provide you with any other information we think you may require, such as contact details for Allotment Associations and help with getting started.


Last Updated on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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