2023 Elections in Sefton

Sefton Borough Elections 2023

Sefton has a Council of 66 Members or Councillors who make decisions on matters affecting the borough. The borough is divided into 22 wards and each ward is represented by 3 Councillors who are appointed for a term of 4 years.

Local Elections 2023

On Thursday May 4th, 2023 thousands of residents across Sefton will cast their vote on who they want to see represent them and their neighbours on the Local Authority’s borough council.

Local government elections elect councillors, who are responsible for making decisions on running services in your local area. These include housing, education, transport, planning, parks, leisure, fire and public safety, social care and waste management.

Not sure where to vote? You can find your local polling station here 

A list of all 2023 Local Elections notices, nominations, statements and candidates are published below:

Notice Of Election Borough 2023 (word 18KB)
Notice Of Election Borough 2023 (1) (pdf 65KB)
Notice Of Election Parish 2023 (word 19KB)
Notice Of Election Parish 2023 (1) (pdf 65KB)

Last Updated on Friday, March 24, 2023

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