Sefton Virtual School

Sefton Virtual School LACES was recreated formally in April 2013, following the appointment of the Virtual Headteacher in February 2013. It exists as a collaborative endeavour, with different professionals and stakeholders across the Local Authority holding Corporate Parenting as a priority throughout.

There are a number of barriers that can prevent Looked After Children from Achieving in School. LACES Virtual School aims to improve the life chances of Looked After Children by: 

  • Making sure that there are effective systems and processes to track and monitor the attainment, progress and attendance of Looked After Children.
  • Ensuring effective support is in place to enable children to succeed.
  • Ensuring that all Looked After Children have a robust and effective personal education plan that focuses on learning outcomes and access to one-to-one support, including personal tuition.
  • Championing the educational needs of Looked After Children across the Local Authority and those placed out of the Local Authority.
  • Ensuring strategic decisions are made about the allocation of resources.
  • Removing barriers between different professionals and encourage collaborative working, knowledge and sharing.
  • Creating a culture of challenge and support to review how all children and young people are performing.
  • Ensuring the promotion of high standards of educational attainment, as well as the progress and achievement of all Looked After Children on roll.
  • Driving effective strategies for managing attendance, engaging young people in their education and early intervention to support improvement, having high aspirations and raising the profile of Looked After Children.
  • Ensuring that pupil premium spending for Looked After Children is effective and linked to outcomes.

 If you have any concerns regarding the education or progress of a Looked After Child, LACES Virtual School can be contacted on the numbers below:


01704 882 038 / 0151 934 3859 / 0151 934 3832

Other Useful Numbers

Attendance and Welfare Service - 0151 934 3359.

School Admissions Section - 0151 934 3131.

Last Updated on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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