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Established since 2007, the award winning programme 'Active Workforce' is a health and wellbeing programme specifically designed for businesses to offer their staff the opportunity to get active and healthy during working hours whilst reducing sickness absence levels in the workplace. We have found that there is a huge demand for such a service across the North West. 

Some interesting facts

  • Average employee spends 60% of their waking day at work
  • 70% of the population are not active enough to benefit their health
  • Sickness absence in UK costs employers approx £12.2 billion
  • Physically active workers take 27% less sick days
  • Sickness rates in the North West are the highest in the UK, 4.9 days per person are lost nationally - this rises to 5.6 days in the North West
  • Research has found that employee health programmes can increase job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover by 10-25%

New Partners Welcome!

Improving your employee's health and lifestyle is beneficial to your company, leading to reduced sickness absence, accidents and injuries, with studies also showing a huge improvement in productivity, morale and concentration. We already work with many partner organisations but if you are a part of a business that employs 50 people or more and are based in the Sefton area, complete our partner eform to register your interest.

Is your employee already a Partner?

Register with us to hear about any exciting opportunities available to you to improve your health. You can also join in the discussion and become part of our closed facebook page today. We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our offering as well as making sure you are first to hear about any new sessions in your workplace. 

Last Updated on 31 May 2018