School Admissions

This section provides the main information for parents/carers about the processes for applying for a place at a school in Sefton. 

School Admission Topics:
Applying for a Primary or Secondary School Place – A Guide for Parents/Carers (pdf 968KB)
Sefton School Admissions Information Booklet 2018/19 (pdf 4.98MB)
In Year School Admissions - A Guide For Parents (pdf 615KB)
In Year School Admissions - Application Form (A1) (pdf 376KB)
In Year Transfers - A Guide For Parents (pdf 459KB)
In Year School Transfers Application Form T1 (pdf 437KB)
School Admission Appeals Fact Sheet (pdf 330KB)
School Admission Appeals Timetable (pdf 272KB)

Policy and Reports

Sefton Admissions Arrangements Consultation 2019 (pdf 3.21MB)
Determined Admission Arrangements For Primary Schools 2018-19 (pdf 1.57MB)
Determined Admission Arrangements For Secondary Schools 2018-19 (pdf 2.25MB)
In Year Admissions Policy and Arrangements for 2017-18 Academic Year (pdf 314KB)
Office Of The Schools Adjudicator - Annual School Admissions Report 2017 (pdf 383KB)
Sefton Home To School Transport Policy 2017-18 (pdf 312KB)
Sefton Post 16 Transport Statement 2017-18 (pdf 330KB)

Last Updated on 04 October 2017