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Housing Strategy 2022 -2027

Housing should provide a secure foundation for individuals to live the lives they want to live. Finding the right home, in the right place, can be an essential platform for people seeking to support their families and sustain work. Within Sefton, access to suitable, good quality and affordable housing is a key priority for all its residents and communities.

Our Housing Strategy sets out the Council’s vision and aims for housing in the Borough for the next five years. It describes the key priorities affecting the local housing market and what the Council intends to do to help overcome these challenges and create the right conditions to improve housing outcomes for the benefit of local people.

This strategy has been developed through an extensive process of consultation with key partners and other stakeholders and we would like to thank all those who have contributed and helped to develop this strategy. The consultation report can be viewed here

Consultation Response Report Draft Housing Strategy 2022 27 (pdf 1000KB)


Sefton Housing Strategy 2022-2027 

Sefton Housing Strategy 2022 2027 (1) (pdf 2.93MB)


Sefton Housing Strategy - Action Plan

This document is an important component of the overall housing strategy. It identifies the specific plans & roles of key stake holders to address the issues outlined in the strategy document. The plan contains action points, targets and timescales to meet the housing priority topics, but is also flexible and responsive to changes in market conditions, new opportunities and will also introduce new issues/topics as they arise, such as changing legislation and new governmental policy.

Sefton Housing Strategy Action Plan (PDF).  This document can be provided in a more accessible format by contacting


Sefton Housing Strategy - Annual Monitoring Report

The Annual Monitoring Report identifies specific action points, targets and timescales to meet the housing priority topics identified in the Action Plan document (above). This monitoring report will, in-turn, help to ensure that the delivery framework is responsive to change and appropriately addresses any identified issues or future housing priorities in Sefton.

The next Housing Annual Monitoring Report will be published in Spring 2024.


Other housing documents

LCR Housing Tenancy Strategy 2022 25 (1) (pdf 3.99MB)


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