Public Health Annual Report

The Director of Public Health has a duty to publish a report about the health of people in Sefton each year.

This year as central government spending cuts (austerity) begin to have an impact on Sefton communities many of those working with families and local residents feared that progress that had been made dealing with health inequalities could slow down, stop or even become worse.

So with this in mind the focus of this year report is on how partners across Sefton are responding to the challenge of austerity and details about the impact this might be having.

Representatives from the Voluntary, Community and Faith sector along with staff from Sefton Council, the NHS, and other public bodies and Councillors attended a Public Health Annual report summit.  We think the report captures the local understanding of just how austerity might be changing people’s lives and how this in turn affects their ability to achieve and maintain good health. identified a number of key actions for those responsible for commissioning and delivering local services

A number of common themes emerged which are we now dealing with to support families and communities in Sefton, reduce health inequalities and make sure residents can keep healthy in these tough times.  The summit allowed all partners to share examples of interventions and projects that are currently supporting local people across Sefton. 

The document below summarises the thoughts of people who design, deliver and use services in Sefton and includes the final report.

PHAR Feedback (word 16KB)
Sefton PHAR 2013 (pdf 5.05MB)
Sefton PHAR 2014 (pdf 1.91MB)
Sefton PHAR 2015 (pdf 947KB)
Sefton PHAR 2016 (pdf 2.08MB)

Last Updated on 07 February 2018