Urgent Notice: Postal voters need to get in touch if their pack has not been delivered

28 June 2024 3min read

Residents in Sefton who have applied to vote in the General Election by post but have yet to receive their postal vote packs are being urged to get in touch with the Council.

Registered voters who have applied for a Postal Vote should have received their packs by 5pm on Friday, June 28th.

While many have successfully seen their postal vote packs land on their doorstep, Sefton Council's Electoral Services team are working hard to ensure anyone who has not yet received their packs does so in time to vote on July 4th.

A spokesperson for Sefton Council said: "Like numerous councils across the UK we have taken calls from voters who are concerned that their postal vote packs have yet to arrive.

"We share these concerns and would encourage anybody who has registered to vote post but has yet to receive a voting pack by 5pm on Friday, June 28th to get in touch with us over the weekend.

"Our teams are treating this as a priority and we are working extremely hard to make sure everyone gets the chance to have their say the way they want to.

"Some voters have asked why postal vote packs are not issued sooner however Sefton Council, like all Local Authorities, work to a statutory election timetable and posting dates are agreed with Royal Mail in accordance with the timetable. 

"There is a nationally governed process that we must follow relating to the printing and posting dates of postal vote packs, meaning We then have to work in accordance with the statutory timetable.

"While we fully appreciate any delay in receiving a postal vote may cause concern, we would like to reassure those affected by any delays that we are working hard to ensure you can still vote by post. 

"However we would also like to remind residents that abuse to our staff will not be tolerated and our officers should be allowed to carry out their duties without being subject to rude or foul language."

Anyone who not received their postal vote pack by 5pm on Friday. June 28th should email electors@sefton.gov.uk as soon as possible.

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