Parish and Town Councils

Parish and Town Councils, also known as local councils, form the most local level of government and cover many rural and urban areas.

How do they work?

They provide or maintain services such as allotments, burial grounds, bridleways, bus shelters, open spaces and public buildings. 

There are 9 Parish Councils and 1 Town Council in Sefton. Please contact the Clerk of the Council initially if you have any queries. 

How are Town and Parish Councils funded?

Funding for Parish and Town Councils is raised through its precept which is collected through the Council Tax system.

What is the Sefton Area Partnership of Local Councils?

The Sefton Area Partnership of Local Councils is a committee made up from the 10 member parish and town councils and it is more commonly known as ‘The 10 Parishes’. It meets bi-monthly to discuss issues concerning the parishes and acts as a united voice to try and resolve any issues which arise, and share any knowledge to ensure the best possible solutions.

More information on local councils and how to become a Parish or Town Councillor can be found on the National Association of Local Councils website