Information on registering to vote and making applications to vote by post or by proxy can be found at yourvotematters.co.uk

If you need assistance or further information, please contact Sefton Council on 0345 140 0845 or email Electoral Services at electors@sefton.gov.uk

Sefton Borough Elections

Sefton has a Council of 66 Members or Councillors who make decisions on matters affecting the borough. The borough is divided into 22 wards and each ward is represented by 3 Councillors who are appointed for a term of 4 years.

Local Elections - May 3, 2018

Notice was given for elections of Borough Ward Councillors and a Parish Councillor (Harington Ward), and polling took place on Thursday May 3, 2018.

Notice of Election - Borough Councillors (pdf 18KB)
Notice of Election - Formby Parish Council (pdf 12KB)
Notice of Vacancy - Ford Ward (pdf 74KB)
Statement Of Persons Nominated (word 65KB)
Statement Of Persons Nominated - Formby Parish Council (word 19KB)

Parliamentary General Elections

View the Sefton results of recent Parliamentary General Elections, the last of which was held on June 8, 2017.

Parish and Town Council Elections

There are 9 Parish and 1 Town Council in Sefton. Parish and Town Council Elections are held every four years to elect the whole of the council.

Liverpool City Region Mayoral Elections

On Thursday 4 May 2017, all residents over the age of 18 years living in the Liverpool City Region were entitled to vote for the first ever Liverpool City Region Mayor.

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority secured a Devolution Agreement with the Government which will see powers, decision making and funding being devolved to the Liverpool City Region. This includes priorities such as employment and skills, strategic housing, transport and economic development. A condition of the Devolution Agreement was to have a directly Elected Mayor for the Liverpool City Region.

Having the ability to control budgets and decisions at a local level means that they are aligned to the needs of our residents, businesses and region.

View the results of the Liverpool City Region Mayoral Elections.

Last Updated on 04 May 2018