Area Committees

In order to give residents a greater say in Council affairs and what happens in their area generally, there are three Area Committees in Sefton. 

Area CommitteeWards
Central Sefton Blundellsands, Church, Harington, Manor, Molyneux, Park, Ravenmeols, Sudell and Victoria
South Sefton Derby, Ford, Linacre, Litherland, Netherton and Orrell and St Oswald
Southport Ainsdale, Birkdale, Cambridge, Dukes, Kew, Meols and Norwood

The Committees are a focus for consultation and discussion about issues in their area and for making decisions on local transport, planning and environmental matters. They are also a means of ensuring that area needs are considered when delivering services locally. 

Membership comprises Councillors for each particular area and meetings are held in public. Advisory groups comprising local people and in some areas, Parish Council representatives, sit alongside the Councillors on the Committees. 

Council Officers often attend Area Committee meetings to present and discuss reports on issues affecting the relevant area, or at the request of local Councillors to answer questions on pressing local concerns.

The Chair of the Area Committee will decide which matters are dealt with and the order in which they are taken.

Part of the business undertaken will involve a public forum when members of the public may ask questions, make representation or submit petitions about local matters.

  • Questions which are defamatory, unsuitable, frivolous or derogatory will not be accepted.
  • Questions should not refer to individual officers or Members of the Council by name.
  • You will not be able to discuss the reply to your question, but you may ask one supplementary question.

A maximum period of 5 minutes is allowed for a statement or speech by the person who wishes to make representations or present a petition to the Area Committee.

After the statement, the speaker may be asked questions. This is up to the Chair of the meeting and this period will not exceed 5 minutes. To ensure best use is made of the Public Forum, it is not intended that representations should prompt lengthy debate.

You can normally only ask one question, make one representation or submit one petition to each meeting of the Area Committee. However, at the discretion of the Chair an additional question or representation may be allowed if time permits. You cannot ask the same question, make the same representation, or submit the same petition again within a 3 month period.

Area Committees generally follow a three part agenda as follows:

Public Forum

  • Police Issues
  • Area Management Update, outlining local activity by both Council departments and partner organisations (eg NHS, voluntary groups)
  • Open to public questions

Consultation and Engagement

  • Presentation of reports and matters of local interest
  • Open to public questions

Council Business

  • Consideration of reports requiring a decision from Councillors (eg transport, planning and environmental matters)
  • Not open to public questions.

Individual Area Committee agendas may vary slightly. Please check with your local Neighbourhood Co-ordinator.

Questions must be in writing and relate to a single issue. This can be done by:

  • completing the online form
  • downloading the area committee question form and sending it to Democratic Services, Sefton Council, Town Hall, Trinity Road, Bootle, L20 7AE

For South Sefton Area Committee the form should be completed and submitted to the Democratic Services Officer at least 15 minutes before the start of the meeting with fax or email copies of questions being received by 3 pm. For Central Sefton and Southport Area Committees, questions must be submitted by noon on the day before the meeting.

If possible your question will be answered at the meeting but if not the aim is to write to you within 10 working days. Please be aware that the earlier you submit your question in advance of an Area Committee meeting, the more likely you are to receive an answer at the meeting itself.

Notice of a petition about a matter not already on the agenda must be given to the Democratic Services Section by noon on the day before the meeting.

  • A period of of each meeting will be set aside for a Public Forum, where the public can ask questions, raise matters, or present petitions on issues which are relevant to the Council (up to 20 minutes or 60 minutes in Southport)
  • Members of the public may ask questions or speak and make representations about any matter of general interest or concern in the area which is of relevance to the Council. If the matter is the responsibility of another Committee, it will be referred to that Committee to be dealt with. 
  • Members of the public may also present a petition during the public forum and a spokesperson may make a brief statement about the content of the petition, which must be about an issue of relevance to the Council in the area. Such a petition must be signed by at least 25 residents of Sefton.

Replies to questions/representations will normally be oral. If a response is required and it cannot be provided at the meeting or the matter is not reached within the designated period of the Public Forum, the matter will either be passed to:

  • the appropriate officer for a written response
  • the appropriate Cabinet Member for further consideration.

If you need help completing this form in advance of the meeting please contact the Democratic Services Section on 0151 934 2067 or see the Democratic Services Officer in attendance at the meeting.


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