Care homes information

Care Homes Information 


Testing update: The Government has announced all care home staff and residents will be tested for Coronavirus by 1 June, whether they are showing symptons or not.

During the past few weeks there has been much information around testing and swabbing and how to access this for your staff and residents.  We have been communicating this to yourselves as we become aware of it but appreciate that the different routes and options for you have been perhaps confusing.

To help streamline this for you, we have prepared a COVID-19 Care Home Testing Pack that includes guidance and visual overviews of the testing options and processes. 

Care Home Testing Pack (pdf 479KB)
Care Home Pre-Admission Swabbing Process (pdf 117KB)
Key Worker Community Swabbing Process (pdf 107KB)
Pre-Admission Swabbing Template (excel 13KB)

This includes details of the new digital portal for care homes coronavirus testing as announced by the Department of Health and Social Care on Monday 11th May, as part of the efforts to test every staff member and resident in every care home in England, whether symptomatic or not.  We anticipate that the demand for this portal will be high and therefore will be targeted, so we are working with the care home market to make sure those with greatest need are prioritised.  

Please be aware that the testing options and process in the pack is an iterative one and evolving rapidly; we will ensure you are kept up to speed with the latest access and guidance to testing as we are informed by Central Government.

There are also two additional processes on swabbing Key Workers who cannot travel to testing sites and swabbing for Care Home pre-admission.  This is applicable to the whole of Sefton and covers both CCG areas.

Please do continue to let us know of any suspected outbreak by ringing the Infection Control Team on 0151 434 4819 on a Monday-Friday between 9.00am -17.00pm or the PHE Health Protection Team on 0151 295 3036 after 5.00pm/weekends/bank holidays.


Resource Pack

Public Health England have updated their Resource Pack for care homes with a confirmed or suspected outbreak of COVID-19. 

The pack attached includes key contact details, Action Cards for different scenarios, information posters and Frequently Asked Questions. 

As you are aware guidance is changing all the time and this Resource Pack is subject to change but we will always keep you informed with the most up to date information we have. The Resource Pack can be accessed here.


Financial Support

As you will be aware, over the past few weeks both the Council and the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have been working collaboratively to provide additional support to care homes and we remain committed to ensuring that the market is supported in order for it to continue to deliver services to both current and new Service Users.

Please find below details of the financial support on offer and details of how to apply

Financial Support Template (excel 15KB)
Letter to Care Homes (Financial Support) (pdf 170KB)


Care and Support Provider Updates 

Care and Support Provider Updates for W/c 25th May 2020

26th May 2020 (pdf 424KB)

Care and Support Provider Updates for W/c 11th May 2020

18th May 2020 (pdf 94KB)
20th May 2020 (pdf 16KB)
21st May 2020 (pdf 318KB)
22nd May 2020 Care Home Letter (pdf 203KB)
Care Planning Letter (pdf 38KB)

Care and Support Provider Updates for W/c 11th May 2020

12th May 2020 (pdf 166KB)
13th May 2020 (pdf 81KB)
14th May 2020 (pdf 86KB)
15th May 2020 (pdf 254KB)
PPE Supplier List (excel 33KB)

Care and Support Provider Updates for W/c 4th May 2020

4th May 2020 (pdf 83KB)
4th May 2020 Care Home Letter (pdf 177KB)
5th May 2020 (pdf 107KB)
7th May 2020 (pdf 408KB)

Care and Support Provider Updates for w/c 27th April 2020

27th April 2020 (pdf 83KB)
29th April 2020 (pdf 103KB)
30th April 2020 (pdf 89KB)
1 May 2020 (pdf 45KB)

Care and Support Provider Updates for w/c 20th April 2020

20th April 2020 (pdf 176KB)
22nd April 2020 (pdf 825KB)
23rd April 2020 (pdf 765KB)
24th April 2020 Care Home Letter (pdf 169KB)

Care and Support Provider Updates for w/c 13th April 2020

14th April 2020 (pdf 185KB)
14th April 2020 Annex (pdf 360KB)
15th April 2020 (pdf 146KB)
16th April 2020 (pdf 62KB)
17th April 2020 Care Home Letter (pdf 353KB)

Care and Support Provider Updates for w/c 6th April 2020

6th April 2020 (pdf 134KB)
7th April 2020 Care Home Letter (pdf 255KB)
9th April 2020 (pdf 281KB)

 Care and Support Provider Updates for w/c 30th March 2020

3rd April 2020 (pdf 155KB)
2nd April 2020 (pdf 100KB)


Training Courses

Education and Training Programme for Care Providers

Sefton Council and South Sefton and Southport and Formby CCGs want to support you in whatever way we can during this crisis period and one of the ways was to develop the Education and Training Programme for Care Providers.  The document below highlights the key areas where there are free education and supporting resources available for you and your staff not only on a national level but what’s available locally here in Sefton.

The resources contained within this document are also available can be accessed via Sefton Council’s Learner Management System.  Further information explaining how to access the online version can be found on page 8 of the document. 

This document and the electronic version will be regularly reviewed to include updates as we receive them and will be shaped to meet your need. If you have any suggestions as to what else needs to be included please let us know by emailing Louise Kearney, Learning and Development Officer at

Education and Training Programme for Care Providers (pdf 462KB)


Taking Samples Guidance 

Please find attached the webinar slides relating to taking samples it includes links to guidance and a YouTube video on how to take samples.

Taking Samples Guidance Powerpoint (ppt 4.29MB)

The video on how to take a sample can be found here.  

The national guidance can be found here

Skills for Care COVID-19 Essential Training

The impact of COVID-19 has created an extremely challenging time for the social care workforce. Skills for Care have identified training that remains a priority during this period to ensure there is a skilled and competent workforce.  The training is on:

  • Care Certificate
  • Assisting and moving people
  • Health and safety awareness
  • Fire safety
  • Basic life support and first aid
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Food safety
  • Medication management
  • Safeguarding adults

Further information can be found here

Free courses

The following courses are free training courses and can be accessed through Sefton Council’s Learner Management System (MeLearning) 

  • Coronavirus Awarenes E-Learning (10 mins) Access it now here. 
  • A run through of the NW Covid19 Care Home Guidance – Public Health England Webinar and Presentation (15 mins) Access it now here.  

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Last Updated on 22 May 2020

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