Early Help Module (EHM)

EHM is a secure, online, electronic early help case management system that will support the family support pathway. It will allow the recording and sharing of information for children and families who are receiving coordinated support under Early Help.

EHM provides for the following: 

  • Case Management and record keeping facilities for children who do not breach social care threshold, but merit some support and attention; including forms, assessments, plans, alerts and workflow.
  • Early Help & Intervention - recording and management of the Early Help and Family Support Pathway.
  • Team around the Family - the ability to set up the team around the family to coordinate all their activities.
  • Referrals in and out of Social Care - the ability to electronically escalate and refer cases into Social Care, and similarly to receive electronic referrals from Social Care

How to Access Early Help Module (EHM)

Upon completion of the online learning programme you will receive a username and password to access EHM.

Early Help Leads (Single Point of Contacts) will be identified in each service and will have access to EHM within their parent agency. This will enable them to view, update and record information on children’s records that they have been given access to following consent from the family. Practitioners will be restricted from viewing children’s records where consent has not been given. All users of EHM must adhere to the EHM Acceptable Use Policy and Procedures.

How to Find Locality

When you create a new child on EHM the locality field is mandatory, please use the tool below to confirm the child’s locality.

Locality Finder

Last Updated on 18 September 2017