Care Plans

Information for children and young people.

All children and young people who are in care and looked after by Sefton Council will have a care plan.  The plan explains how Sefton Children’s Services can best look after you and makes sure that everyone who has responsibility for your welfare knows what they have to do.

Your Care Plan will include the following information:

  • Why you need to be in care
  • Where you will live while you are in care
  • How we will support your education
  • How we will support your health
  • How you will keep in touch with your family and friends
  • How we will support your race, language, religion or culture.

Several people can be involved in writing your Care Plan but the most important person is you because it is your plan.

Other people who will help to put your plan together will be:

  • Your Social Worker
  • Your Parents or Carers
  • Your Foster Carers or Residential Support Staff

And, sometimes, it may include:

  • Your teacher
  • Your doctor


  • Close Relatives.

While you are in care your plan will be reviewed by an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) at your Looked After Children Review Meetings. If you, or anyone who helped make your plan, wish to make any changes, then these will be discussed and agreed at your Looked After Children Review Meetings. You can go along to your Looked After Children Review meetings and let everyone know how you think your Care Plan is going – your views are really important to us.

If you are unhappy about something it is important that you try to talk to your Social Worker about it, or another adult you trust like your Carer or Teacher. They can help you sort out any worries you have.

If you feel that it is not being sorted then you can ask for an Independent Advocate.  This is someone who will support you to have your thoughts, feelings and wishes heard.  You can ask your Social Worker or Carer to arrange this for you or you can contact them on 0151 934 4167.

You also have the right to make a complaint and you can contact the Children’s Complaints Officer on: 0151 934 3628 or at  You can also ask for an Independent Advocate to help you with this, or, you can ask a trusted adult to help you do this.

We hope this information helps you to understand all about Care Plans but if you still have any questions you can ask your Social Worker, Carer or another trusted adult and they will make sure that they get answered.

Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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