Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)

What are Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)?

Technology enabled care services are designed to empower and assist people to live independently in their own home, manage their own conditions and to ultimately improve health outcomes.

The Vision for Sefton is to embed the vital role of technology in social and health care. We will work with formal and informal care providers to support people to live independent lives in their own homes, stay connected with their local communities and stay fit and active for longer. The vision is to provide appropriate, person centred and relevant Technology Enabled Care  (TEC) services for the residents of Sefton. 

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) can be defined as "any device or system that allows an individual to perform a task that they would otherwise be unable to do, or increases the ease and safety with which the task can be performed". This includes a wide range of devices that can be grouped according to their purpose.

Technology Enabled Care Solutions (TECS) include assistive technologies that supports people in their everyday lives. This can include smart home technology, mobile phones and more specialised equipment. 

Technology Enabled Care Solutions (TECS) Consultation for Supported Living Providers

Sefton already has some digital equipment provision, but we want to know what you know and think about TECS and Smart Home technology.  How do you think that it will assist people living in Supported Living accommodation to live as independently as possible safely?   

We would like you to consider your housing provision for Supported Living tenants and how these properties can facilitate TEC solutions.  We want to use this consultation to engage  with housing providers such as yourself, Supported Living Care service providers and tenants and their families to ensure that Sefton is able to effectively consider, trial and purchase the right equipment at the right time for the right person. 

The consultation will be open for a 4 week period beginning on 8th April 2021 and closes on 4th May 2021. 

If providers would like a copy of the consultation document please email

Sefton Arc/Careline (TECS)

Sefton Arc/Careline is made up of personal and environmental sensors that enable people to remain safe and independent in their own home for longer. 24-hour monitoring ensures that should an event occur, the information is acted upon immediately and the most appropriate response is put in place.

Telecare can be customised to an individual’s situation. Sefton Arc/Careline currently offers personal sensors and environmental sensors. For example, you may have bed sensors, door sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood detectors, heat detectors, pullcord, and falls detector. You can discuss your requirements with our team.

If you did have an accident in your home would you be able to get to your own phone? If yes, would the people you are ringing be at home? Having a lifeline installed would mean you can call our operators at the touch of a button and get the appropriate help anytime of the day.

The service uses a special alarm linked to you telephone that enables you to press a button on either the alarm or pendant you wear when you are having difficulty. Pressing the button sends a message to the contact centre. The contact centre will then contact you to find out what the problem is and provide help with an agreed response depending on the problem. Sefton Careline also offers an alternative to those people who don’t have a telephone/working landline.

What to do in an emergency

How to get help quickly

  • Press your pendant – You can do this from anywhere in your home or garden as your pendant works approximately 70 metres away from the base unit.
  • We answer – One of our team will answer your activation and will speak to you via the base unit. We will already know who you are, where you live and any other relevant details.
  • Help is on its way – Once your situation has been assessed, we will organise the most appropriate help for you.
  • Reassurance – In times of distress, reassurance is vital in keeping you calm. We will stay on the line to you until help arrives, or the situation is resolved.

As soon as you press your pendant or one of your sensors are activated (bed, sensor, smoke detector), a call will go through to the Careline control centre. This may take around 30 seconds to connect and you will hear the officer speaking to you through the Careline unit.

Your personal details will already be on the computer at the control centre, (i.e. name address etc,) plus any other relevant information given at the time of installation.

You should then explain your problem as clearly as you can in order that the Careline officer can take the most appropriate form of action to assist you.

Should the control room staff be unable to get a reply from you, they will assume you are in difficulty and will summon help. This may be in the form of a call to the emergency services or a relative/friend, or a Careline officer will visit your home to assess the situation.

If you have a keysafe outside of your property, our operators can supply this code to emergency services to enter the property in a safe and secure way.

Careline recommends that you test your Lifeline unit and pendant and all other alarms once a month to ensure everything is working correctly.

If you press the red button accidentally, do not worry, just inform the Officer that you are ok and we will close the call.

Who the Careline service is for

The service is open to everyone across Sefton borough, and is available to anyone who feels at risk in their own homes because of age, disability, isolation, illness or vulnerability.

Careline can help you live independently in your own home, whether you are an owner occupier or tenant. Careline offers a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year alarm service; our experienced staff can respond if you need emergency help at any time of the day or night.

Naturally, most people would like to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible, where they can stay close to family, friends and loved ones, and still play a part in the community and retain the sense of belonging. A Careline alarm can play a vital role in doing just that, which can improve confidence and wellbeing and provide peace of mind for all the family. 

Careline equipment available

Each Lifeline unit is supplied with one pendant. However, there is also a range of sensors that can be connected to the unit to help provide additional monitoring and protection within the home.

Each piece of equipment is linked in the same way as the Lifeline unit to the control room and will send a call when the sensor automatically activates on detection of any risk. On receiving this activation, the control room staff will then ascertain what the problem is and take the appropriate action.

The equipment/sensors available include:

  • Falls detectors
  • Smoke/fire alarms
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Epilepsy sensors
  • Door contacts
  • Bed and chair sensors
  • KeySafes


Sefton Careline can install a keysafe; you must purchase this as an add on service. A keysafe allows quick access to your home should it be required. The KeySafes used by Careline are police-approved and without this emergency services should they need to attend would have to force entry which may result in a costly repair charge.

Please call the Sefton Careline on 0151 934 3785 to discuss the suitability of different options according to your requirements.

Last Updated on Friday, September 10, 2021

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