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Along with other Council’s we have been advised to make plans to protect the most vulnerable . If you contact the Council for a social care assessment we will carry out our statutory duty but we may not always be able to send a social worker or occupational therapist out to your home unless there is a reason we cannot conduct the assessment over the phone and so please be aware that any visits will be essential visits only. When you contact us we will ask you to provide information to help us make a decision about this. If you or your family member or neighbour receives care and support please be assured we will continue to work with all care agencies and social care providers to ensure essential calls are being met, and we will continue to remain in contact with service providers accordingly. As the situation changes we will ensure updates are provided.

If you have any concerns about your care provider please email or ring 0345 140 0845

If you are concerned about a vulnerable adult who may need support contact 0345 140 0845


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Find out about help you can get to live at home, advice, benefits and support for carers as well as details about equipment and adaptations for your home.

Adult Social Care is the support provided to adults with physical or learning disabilities, or physical or mental illnesses. This could be for personal care (such as eating, washing, or getting dressed) or for domestic routines (such as cleaning or going to the shops). If you think you need additional help and support to maintain your independence or are struggling to live at home then you may be entitled to help from Sefton Adult Social Care. 

You can also take care of your long term health and wellbeing by taking part in activities and events in your local community and throughout Sefton. Libraries, leisure centres, the voluntary, faith and community sectors to find things to do to improve your health and wellbeing and meet new people. 

You can find out what's on and where in your local community at the Adult Services Directory 

Last Updated on Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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