Front Door Teams

MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub)

The MASH is Sefton’s “front door” into Children's Services and the first step to achieving positive outcomes for children, young people, and families in Sefton.

MASH is a multi–disciplinary team who work together and have a clear understanding of thresholds of need and the importance of timely intervention and support for children, young people and families.

All MASH practitioners and managers are committed and experienced in safeguarding and have knowledge of relevant legislation.

It is essential that those in MASH are skilled in gathering information and analysing risk. They rely on good communication with partner agencies and work openly and transparently with children, young people and families to inform transfer to our assessment teams.

EDT (Emergency Duty Team)

Sefton EDT (Emergency Duty Team) provides emergency support for children (and adult) services believed to be at risk of significant harm and for whom delay until the next working day may be detrimental to their welfare and safety. The service aims to respond to all statutory referrals that are considered an emergency; provide assessments and prompt and effective intervention when required. They can also offer advice and information to referrers.

Last Updated on Monday, August 1, 2022

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