Youth Voice

Youth Voice

Youth Voice is where young people are encouraged to express themselves, have their opinions validated and accept they can effect change in their own and others lives. 

Youth voice aims to inspire and motivate young people to care and to be interested in the world, other people and their lives. It is only by having this understanding and wanting to change that they enrich themselves. We engage young people in active programmes and reflect on how that positive experience is beneficial to them personally and society at large.


Sefton Youth Cabinet

Sefton Youth Cabinet is a group of young people that is committed to empowering young people, promoting their interests, getting their opinions heard and having key issues addressed. Sefton Youth Cabinet is working to link the lived experience of young people within their families and communities to the decision making processes that affect their lives. This will work through a two way process of consultation and information sharing between youth cabinet, elected members and service providers. 


Supporting young people at Youth Foria and UK Youth Parliament

We support young people and the two Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) to attend the regional and national youth voice events to ensure the voices of young people within Sefton are heard at these levels as well as feeding this information back at a local level. Events include North West Youth Forias, British Youth Council Conferences, MYP Annual sitting and the House of Commons debate. 


Make Your Mark 

The UK Youth Parliament’s annual ballot of the youth population, giving young people their say on what is debated by their Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) in the House of Commons. In 2016 we are aiming for a total of 5000 young people in Sefton to vote in this campaign. 


Last Updated on 09 June 2017