What is happening in Sefton?

In Sefton there is a Steering Group that involves parents, relevant staff from different agencies including education, health and social care as well as the local voluntary and community sector. This Steering Group reports to the Health and Wellbeing Board. You can download the Steering Group Terms of Reference below.

To ensure that the right people are involved and working and contributing to the right changes, a number of working groups have been set up, which are led by people with more detailed knowledge of that issue.  These people will work with the steering group to develop and deliver the necessary changes.

The working groups report into the Steering Group to make sure that the broader issues like training, communications, IT etc. are picked up as well as making sure that enough progress is being made so Sefton is ready for the 1 September launch of the Local Offer website.

You can see how this works by downloading the SEN Reforms Governance Structure below.

There are 5 working groups that mainly reflect the key changes, but also take into account the fact the changes mean that some young people up to the age of 25 are provided for.  The 5 working groups lead on:

  • The Local Offer.
  • Joint Commissioning and Personal Budgets.
  • Resolving Disagreements and Mediation.
  • Co-ordinated Assessment and Planning (EHCP).
  • Preparing for Adulthood.



The Children and Families Act 2014 has introduced lots of changes, including identifying, assessing and providing for children and young people with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities.

This includes:

  • Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Personalisation
  • The Local Offer
  • Resolving Disagreement and Mediation
  • Joint Commissioning

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You can contact the Parent Partnership on 0151 291 0551 or by email. Alternatively, you can also contact the Sefton Parent Carer Forum by email or check out the Facebook page.

Both of these organisations will be able to provide up to date information about what is happening in Sefton and will be able to contact other people involved who could provide further information to any queries or concerns you may have about the changes.



The Education, Health and Care Plan process will be personalised and will involve the child/young person and their families at all stages of the process. 

This may involve providing a Personal Budget to manage how some of their support is put in place depending on the child/young person’s individual needs.  This will be discussed during the EHCP assessment and planning process.It is likely that only a small proportion of families will require a Personal Budget.

Arrangements need to be put in place to try and avoid and resolve disagreements earlier to reduce need for a tribunal.  These arrangements require a level of independence from the Council.

The Council and the local Clinical Commissioning Groups (the NHS agencies responsible for commissioning local health services) have to agree and setup how they will jointly consider and agree what they are going to provide to reasonably meet the needs of children and young people with Special Educational Needs in the area, especially those with an EHCP.

An initial draft plan has been created, but as the working groups start to move forward a more detailed set of planning documents will start to be produced and they will be shared via this page. All sub-group meeting minutes can be read and downloaded below.

SEN Reform Terms of Reference (pdf 332KB)
SEN Reform Steering Group Terms of Reference (pdf 332KB)
SEN Reforms Governance Structure (pdf 248KB)
SEN Reforms Draft Plan (pdf 361KB)
Local Offer Sub Group 24/03/2014 - Minutes (word 4.91MB)
Local Offer Sub Group 02052014 Minutes (word 16KB)
SEN Reform Steering Group Minutes 040614 (word 508KB)
SEN Dispute Resolution Sub-group 16/05/2014 - Minutes (word 19KB)
SEN Dispute Resolution Sub-group 11/06/2014 - Minutes (word 20KB)
Local Offer Sub-group Minutes 7th July 2014 (word 511KB)
0-25 SEN Implementation Programme Steering Group - notes (word 37KB)
Consultation on the new SEN & Disabilities (SEND) Reforms August 2014 (word 107KB)
SEN Reform Steering Group Minutes 19th Aug 2014 (word 22KB)
CYP with EHCP entering & leaving custody (word 15KB)
EHC Needs assessment for child or young person in Youth Custody (word 18KB)
SEN Reform Steering Group Agenda 26th Sep 2014 (word 22KB)
Sefton Social Care Disability Pathway Parent/Carer Consultation Notes Sep 2014 (word 55KB)


Last Updated on 16 October 2015