In year admissions and school transfers

In Year Admissions Policy 2019 20 (pdf 868KB)
Fair Access Policy Addendum Feb 2021 (pdf 123KB)

New to the area or moving house within Sefton?

If you have recently arrived in Sefton or you are looking to move in to the Sefton area and you require a new school for your child(ren) you should refer to the policy above and read the Guide for parents before you submit an 'In Year' admission application form. You must complete one application form for each child for whom you are seeking a school place. 

In Year School Admission Application Form A1 (pdf 467KB)
In Year School Admissions A Guide For Parents (pdf 683KB)

School to school transfers 

If you wish to transfer from one school to a Sefton school during the school year, for a reason other than a house move, you should refer to the policy above and read the booklet below and complete the first part of the Transfer application form (T1). 

In Year School Transfers a Guide for Parents (pdf 813KB)
In Year School Transfers Application Form T1 (pdf 331KB)

How are In Year Admission Applications Processed ?

Please read our important information which explains how requests for In Year Admissions/School Transfers are processed. This includes standard timescales and what happens if the school(s) you request are full.

IMPORTANT MARCH 2021: Due to schools now reopening, we are receiving a large volume of In Year applications, School Transfer requests and email enquiries. All applications and emails will be responded to as quickly as possible, we would ask that you be patient, as it may take a little longer than usual to respond to requests.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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