Local archives and history - Information Services

The libraries Information Services offer a comprehensive range of information sources including those for local and family history. There are a range of online services including free access to Oxford Dictionaries, academic journals and articles for research purposes, and the online family history resource Ancestry Library Edition. These services are available via computers located in Sefton libraries. We also sell our own local history publications.
How to use the service

The library information service is based at Crosby Library and is available at the following times.

Opening Hours

Monday 10am-5pm
Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday 10am-5pm
Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

Sefton Library Service offers a research service for a standard fee, please contact information.services@sefton.gov.uk for more information.


Please contact the library for information on upcoming events

Last Updated on Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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