Home to School Transport

  • If you require transport for a child with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or have a query about transport for a child who attends a Special School or a Resourced Unit within a mainstream school, please contact the Special Educational Needs team on 0151 934 2347 or email: special.needs@sefton.gov.uk

    If you require transport to a mainstream school please see the information below.

Parents and carers are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school regularly and on time. Most pupils in Sefton:

  • walk to school, accompanied if necessary, by a parent/carer; or
  • travel to school on public transport; or
  • are driven to school by parents.

Wherever possible the Local Authority (LA) expects parents to make similar arrangements for children attending mainstream schools. The LA has a statutory duty, and in appropriate circumstances discretionary powers to provide assistance with home to school travel, based on a pupil’s individual needs and circumstances.

Is my child eligible for a Free Travel Pass to school?
School aged children (pupils up to age 16) are eligible for free home to school travel support if they:

  • Are attending their nearest qualifying school and meet the eligible distance criteria relevant to their age group
  • Are from a low income family and are attending a qualifying school and meet the eligible distance criteria

Full details including what is a qualifying school can be found in the Sefton Home To School Transport Policy 2017-18.

How do I apply?
You can apply by completing the 2017-18 travel pass or transport application form at the bottom of this page.

Can I appeal if I am refused a travel pass or transport?
If you are refused transport under the current policy you will be offered the right of appeal against this decision. This will be included with any refusal letter you receive.

Please note that Sefton Council does not provide financial support for post-16 student travel. 

We may still provide transport to post 16 students with Special Educational Needs who cannot travel independently. These are assessed on an individual basis using the Post 16 Transport Policy Statement below:

Sefton Home To School Transport Policy 2018-19 (pdf 731KB)
School Pupil Travel Pass Application 2018-19 (pdf 312KB)
School Pupil Specialist Transport Request Form 2018-19 (pdf 323KB)
Sefton Home To School Transport Appeals Process (pdf 117KB)
Post 16 Specialist Transport Application Form (New Students) 2018-19 (pdf 275KB)
Post 16 Transport Policy Statement 2018-19 (pdf 899KB)

Last Updated on 18 June 2018