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Childcare Sufficiency in Sefton

To better understand the current position with regard to childcare sufficiency in Sefton we have put together the most frequently asked questions. If you have any enquiries related to childcare sufficiency in Sefton please contact James Smith, Family Information Service & Childcare Sufficiency Manager, by email

The Childcare Act 2006 places a duty on the Local Authority to secure sufficient childcare places (so far as is reasonably practical) to enable parents to take up or remain in work, or to undertake education and training leading to work.

The Local Authority is required to produce an annual report clearly stating the sufficiency of childcare in the area.

By analyzing the supply of childcare available, and comparing it with information about demand from parents, potential gaps in childcare provision can be identified.  This is the first step towards developing a strategy for securing sufficient childcare places through working with local providers and tailoring services to the particular needs of children and families.

The 2018 Childcare Sufficiency Assessment concludes that Sefton continues to have sufficient childcare places across all age ranges. Daycare places in general is sufficient, although childminding places remain in short supply  - currently at just 2% spare capacity. For information on how to become a registered childminder please visit our Setting Up A Childcare Business page

Sefton Council is continuing to work very closely with Schools and Private, Voluntary and Independent providers to meet the targeted demand associated with the free entitlements for Two, Three and Four Year Olds. For information on how to set up a new childcare business in Sefton please visit our Setting Up A Childcare Business page

The most recent Childcare Sufficiency Report is available to download below. 

Please visit our Setting up New Childcare page for more information.

Sefton Council Childcare Sufficiency Report 2021-2022 (word 70KB)

Last Updated on Thursday, June 15, 2023

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