Documents to download


Adult Community Learning Prospectus Spring (pdf 3.04MB)
Learners Handbook (pdf 2.56MB)
Enrolment Form 2019 20 June19 (excel 508KB)
Supply Chain Fees And Charges2018 19 (pdf 69KB)
Supply Chain Fees And Charges 2017 18V2 (pdf 153KB)
Supply Chain Fees and Charges 2016-17 (pdf 137KB)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement (pdf 292KB)
Sefton Learning Equality Poster (pdf 1.82MB)

British Values

Promoting British Values (pdf 67KB)
Promoting British Values Poster (pdf 462KB)


Values Poster (pdf 709KB)
British Values Poster (pdf 161KB)
Health And Safety (pdf 145KB)
Safer Learning (pdf 196KB)

SCLS Policies

Academic Appeals Policy And Procedure (pdf 200KB)
Acceptable User Policy IT (pdf 179KB)
Access To Fair Assessment Policy (pdf 144KB)
Complaints Policy 19 20 (pdf 157KB)
Counter Terrorism (pdf 198KB)
Data Protection GDPR Policy 19 20 (pdf 134KB)
Drugs And Alcohol Misuse Policy (pdf 201KB)
Equal Opportunities Policy Statement (pdf 151KB)
Exam And Certificate Procedure Policy (pdf 218KB)
Examination And Invigilation Policy (pdf 213KB)
Health And Safety Policy (pdf 116KB)
Learner Discipline Policy (pdf 224KB)
Malpractice Policy (pdf 191KB)
Monitoring And Recoding Attendance (pdf 368KB)
Privacy Statement V 6 Learner Information (pdf 38KB)
Prevent Strategy (pdf 238KB)
Protecting Vulnerable People From Being Drawn Into Terrorism (pdf 174KB)
RARPA Policy (pdf 198KB)
Safeguarding Adults (pdf 560KB)
Social Value Policy 19 20 (pdf 159KB)
Sustainability Policy 19 20 (pdf 168KB)

Last Updated on 14 February 2020