Children missing education (CME)

What is meant by Children Missing Education (CME)?

A child of compulsory school age between the age of five and sixteen, who is not registered at any formally approved education activity and has been out of any education provision for a substantial period of time, usually more than four weeks is defined as a child missing education.

Children go missing from education for a number of reasons. Although not exhaustive, the list below presents some of the circumstances including:

  • Pupils at risk of harm/neglect
  • Missing children and runaways
  • Children and young people supervised by the Youth Justice System –
  • Children of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) families
  • Children of Service Personnel
  • Missing children or runaways
  • Children of new migrant families
  • They do not start school at the appropriate time and so they do not enter the education system:
  • They are removed from school by their parents;
  • They fail to find a suitable school place after moving to a new area;
  • The family move home regularly;
  • Family breakdown;
  • Children who do not make the transition between key stages  (e.g. nursery to primary, primary to secondary);

What is the role of Children Missing Education (CME) Coordinator in Sefton?

These ‘missing’ children are amongst the most vulnerable children in Sefton. It is crucial that practitioners in all services work together to identify and re-engage these children back into appropriate educational provision as quickly as possible.

The CME Co-ordinator leads on the identification, referral, tracking and engagement of children missing education. Working to ensure all schools and agencies are aware of systems of referral for pupils who are missing or at risk of going missing from education.

If you are concerned about a child who you think may not be accessing Education you can contact Attendance and Welfare (CME Co-ordinator) on the email address below, or by ringing the Sefton Contact Centre on 0345 140 0845.

You can also download the guidance below.

Identifying and maintaining contact with children missing from education (pdf 256KB)
Children Missing Education Statutory Guidance (pdf 338KB)
CME Appendix 1 (word 24KB)
CME Appendix 2 (word 41KB)
CME Appendix 2A (word 50KB)
CME Appendix 2B (word 40KB)
CME Appendix 2C (word 31KB)
CME Appendix 3 (word 140KB)
CME Appendix 4 (word 140KB)
CME Appendix 4A (word 250KB)
CME Appendix 5 (word 14KB)
CME Appendix 6 (word 19KB)

Last Updated on 18 September 2017