Pharmacy Needs Assessment

Since 1st April 2013, Health and Wellbeing Boards have had responsibility to produce a pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA).  This is a statutory document that assesses the pharmacy needs of the local population, by identifying what services are currently available in the area and where we are likely to need these services in the future because of changes to the health or geographical location of local people. 

The PNA is used by NHS England when deciding on pharmacy applications.  The published PNA will be used as the framework for commissioning pharmacy services.  If gaps in provision are identified, new providers can apply to deliver appropriate services to meet the need.

The previous Sefton PNA was published in April 2015.  A new PNA is required every three years, unless the annual review has identified changes to need which are of a significant extent thus triggering an earlier revised assessment.

The 2016 review identified that there were no significant changes to need.  Since April 2015 there had been 10 sites of new housing developments, four of which were classed as major developments, with 50 or more dwellings and overall resulted in the generation of 532 new dwellings across Sefton.  There were 4 sites of demolition that resulted in the removal of 688 dwellings within the Borough.  There were no closures, openings or relocations of pharmacies.  However there were changes to service provision in terms of hours of opening.  These have been collated into a supplementary statement (see Appendix A).

The steering group Terms of Reference have been amended to reflect changes since the previous version of 2014.  Accountability is now through the Executive Group to the HWBB (see Appendix B).

A project plan has been developed to ensure publication of the next PNA by the end of March 2018 (see Appendix C).  Sefton is working with colleagues across the Cheshire and Merseyside footprint to develop surveys and other material for the document, enabling consistency and ease of comparison. 

The pharmacy survey went live on 6th April, with a return date of end of April 2017.  The previous Sefton public/patient survey has been used as a template for this cycle of PNAs.  It is expected that this will be open for completion during June, July and August 2017.  The consultation plan has been taken to and approved by the consultation and engagement panel.

Update - Friday 17th November -

As part of the production of the new Sefton PNA, a 60-day period of public consultation will take place from Friday 17th November 2017 until Wednesday 17th January 2018 and is available for download below. 

Sefton PNA 2018 For Consultation (pdf 5.3MB)
HWBB Exec Group Briefing Apr17 Supplementary Statement (word 194KB)
Sefton Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2015 18 (pdf 5.99MB)
Sefton PNA 2018 For Consultation (pdf 5.3MB)
60 Day Consultation Response Form (word 94KB)


Last Updated on 21 November 2017