Procedure for Representations to Remote Meetings of Planning Committee by Petitioners, Ward Councillors and Applicants


Given the Covid-19 situation, the need to maintain social distancing and the requirement for councillors and officers to work from home if possible, Planning Committee meetings have been scheduled to be held remotely and members of the public will be able to view meetings via Microsoft Live Teams Events.

Petitioners and/or Ward Councillors and applicants will not be allowed to address the Planning Committee in person but will be asked to do so by submission of written representations in accordance with the timetable detailed below.

 Written submissions will be published as part of a Supplementary Agenda on the Friday immediately prior to the Wednesday meeting and will be read out at Planning Committee meeting by an officer.

All written submissions should be limited to no more than 650 words (in Arial, size 12 font, with single line spacing). Oral submissions are only allowed to be 5 minutes in length and it is estimated that a written submission of 650 words should take approx. 5 minutes to read out to the committee. 

 Event  Deadline  Indicative date if meeting held on a Wednesday
Agenda published At least 8 clear working days before committee Thursday
Receipt of petitions and notification from ward members that they wish to speak at committee 10am 6 clear working days before committee Monday
Receipt of written submissions from petitioners and ward members 10am 4 clear working days before committee Wednesday
 Receipt of applicant's responses to petitioner and ward members submissions 10am 2 clear working days before committee Friday
 Committee meeting   Wednesday

Last Updated on Sunday, January 3, 2021

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