Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and Flood Risk Information Notes

Draft Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) & Flood Risk Information Notes

The Council consulted on a number of draft SuDS and Flood Risk Information Notes earlier this year (see below). These have now been consolidated into one, revised, draft Information Note, for which it is intended to seek Cabinet approval in the near future. It is intended that at the same time Cabinet be asked to approve Pro Formas to be submitted with planning applications and an Advice Note on how to complete the ‘Sustainable Drainage Systems: Completing Your Pro-Forma’.

The revisions to the Information Note reflect comments made during the consultation period and the fact that some technical information is now in the Pro Formas. In addition, information on the sequential and exception tests has been simplified to more closely reflect national planning guidance.

The draft SuDS & Flood Risk Information Notes originally approved for consultation and development management purposes are set out below. The draft Information Notes draw together the requirements of Local Plan policy EQ8 ‘Flood risk and surface water’, the National Planning Policy Framework, and  existing Environment Agency and national planning guidance  Also they incorporate the Lead Local Flood Authority’s requirements for drainage strategies and technical guidance on SuDS.   They provide references to these key documents and guidance.

Relevant to all applications

Also relevant to applications for house extensions  

 Also relevant to minor and small-scale non-residential development 

Also relevant to new housing and other applications for development (e.g. retail, employment, leisure, commercial and other development)  


Last Updated on 22 June 2018