Sefton Call For Sites 2022

Call for Sites 2022

Sefton Council is asking landowners, developers and other interested parties to suggest sites that may be suitable for various types of development.

The Council is currently updating its evidence on the supply of land for a range of uses, including general housing, custom build/self-build homes, employment, shopping/leisure, traveller sites, outdoor recreation and sport and land suitable for habitat improvement.

The Council are only looking for sites in our existing towns and villages for housing, employment land, traveller’s sites and shopping/leisure uses, although we will consider previously developed sites elsewhere. We are happy to consider sites suitable for new outdoor recreation, sport or habitat improvements anywhere in Sefton.

Each site submitted will be assessed for its suitability for the use for which it has been suggested. The Council will complete a site assessment for each submitted site setting out whether we consider any redevelopment use is possible. The information on each site will be kept on record for up to five years and used to update planning documents, including a future Local Plan review. If we consider the site to be suitable for redevelopment, we may contact you, the landowners or their representatives to discuss further.

If the Council consider a site has potential for redevelopment, this does not equate to a planning approval, which would still be required. Even if the site is considered suitable for another use, this does not guarantee it will get planning approval as other factors may be relevant.

If you want your site to be considered in this year's assessment, please ensure that your site submission is sent in by 12th August 2022. However we will welcome submissions beyond this date.

If you wish to be directly notified over future opportunities to submit sites, please email

Information related to the location of the site, its area and suggested re-use will need to be on the public record. Your personal details will not be disclosed but will be held in a secure database and may be shared with other Council departments. Please where possible, please fill in a ‘Call for Sites’ form (below)

Call for Sites Form (pdf 83KB)

Last Updated on Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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