Thornton Corridor

You have told us that there are traffic issues and problems in the Thornton area.  In response to this we have completed the Thornton Corridor Study. The study looks at the issues you have told us about and provides options to improve traffic conditions.   

We have discussed the outcome of the Thornton Area Study with the Council’s Cabinet Member for Locality Services and your Ward Councillors. We have also been keeping Thornton Parish Council informed of our progress. 

A Short Term Action Plan has been developed from the Thornton Area Study. The action plan sets out the work we will be getting on with straight away. Some of this work is detailed below: 

  • Moor Lane / Chesterfield Road Junction: Trial removal of the north bound right-turn indicative arrow, review of pedestrian crossing facilities and other traffic signal operations
  • Edgemoor Drive / Thornfield Road and Ronaldsway: Public consultation on proposals for traffic management measures to reduce rat running and improve safety
  • Broom’s Cross Roundabout: Undertake trial to improve traffic flows and reduce queuing
  • Quarry Road / Park View / Virgin’s Lane / Ince Road: Trial alteration of traffic signals to provide Quarry Road and Park View with more green time

The Study also includes some options for longer term measures that we will continue to work on whilst implementing the short term action plan. The December update of the Short Term Action Plan has just been issued. The next update for this work will be in July 2018.

Edgemoor Drive, Ronaldsway and Thornfield Road Consultation

The consultation has now closed.  Feedback will be provided in due course. 

Trial Closure - Edgemoor Drive Consultation - March 2018 (pdf 348KB)
Short term Action Plan - December 2017 (pdf 323KB)
Short Term Action Plan - July 2017 (pdf 440KB)
Edgemoor Drive, Ronaldsway, Thornfield Consultation Report - Nov 2017 (pdf 1010KB)

Ince Road, Brook Road, Virgins Lane, Southport Road Consultation

The Council has consulted with residents in the above area as to whether they would like traffic calming or not. 

This consultation has now closed.  Feedback will be provided to respondents in due course.  

Ince Road, Brook Road, Virgins Lane, Southport Road Consultation (pdf 615KB)


Last Updated on 13 April 2018